Silly Lengths People Go To Save Bucks

Save Bucks

The lengths people go to save bucks varies. For some, it’s reading the discount catalogues before grocery shopping (life-changing btw, you should try it) or using the ENTERTAINER 2-for-1 vouchers at participating outlets (also life-changing). For others, it’s a tad on the dramatic (and rule-breaking/illegal) side.

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We’re going to give you the low-down on some of the silliest lengths people have gone to save bucks, because it’s kind of hilar – and scary – and we’ve witnessed some of them firsthand.

Save Bucks

1 | The guy that lived in his office for a year.

This is a true story, and we just can’t get over it ?. A guy literally pretended to start work early and finish late every day, and he actually lived in his office cubicle to save bucks. Yes, lived. We mean, we’ve all got that colleague that’s like, ‘nah, I’m just gonna finish up here and then head home a little later, guys, have a goodie’, but does he actually go home? Or does he take a basin bath in the men’s and then curl up under his desk with a takeaway and watch some Netflix? We’re not sure whether we should be horrified, humoured, or sad. But we do know we want to give this guy a free ENTERTAINER app to commend him on his money-saving abilities.

Save Bucks

2 | The gang that books separate tables for a discount.

So, you know the ENTERTAINER only allows a maximum of 4 vouchers per table, right? (If you didn’t know this, please read our rules of use). Well, we’ve had people phone our merchants multiple times (maybe even using disguised voices, we’re not 100% sure??‍♂️) and book separate tables, only to arrive in large groups that sit next to each other and enjoy group dinners, just, apart. Did their group of 20 get their buy-one-get-one-free discounts? Nope, this is 100% not allowed, but we love their sneaky, tactical approach to saving bucks.

Save Bucks

3 | The friend that suddenly needs the loo when the bill arrives.

You either know this person, or you are this person. They pretty much only come out when there is a gathering of more than 10, and order just enough food to be able to fall within the ‘oh dear, we’ve under-tipped’ range. As the bill appears, they disappear, but upon returning, they’re quick to reassure everyone that they’ve put their R150 in. Everyone pops an extra 20 into the pot to cover the tip and voila, the loo-goer has managed to save some bucks (and possibly lose some friends?).

Save Bucks

4 | The non-tippers.

Self-explanatory, really. These guys are the ones that just don’t tip. They’re happy to spend R50 000 on a lobster platter and bottles of vodka with shavings of gold in it, but dare they waste a cent on the wonderful person that served them. We’ve got nothing more to say here.

Have a look here to see our frustrations:

Do you know any other silly lengths people have gone to save bucks? We’d LOVE to hear your story!

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