TJIPS: Joburg’s First Gourmet Chips Bar


If you’re in Jozi and haven’t heard about TJIPS yet, then boy are you in a for a TREAT. They’re Joburg’s first gourmet chips bar, and they’re saucy and delicious AF. Yep, I said gourmet, guys. Feast on proper authentic South African chips, topped with all sorts of things, from pulled chicken and sesame slaw, to a whole damn burger patty. They even have pink garlic mayo! Whaaat?!

The best part? They’re on the ENTERTAINER, which means you can buy one portion of TJIPS, and get another completely free. It’s a chip-acle (like miracle… but with chips).

Watch the video, and then let us know which combo you’ll be getting in the comments below ? And if you’re still hungry, make sure you check out April’s Monthly Offers.

You’re welcome.

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