New And Improved Flash Deals Have Arrived!

flash deals

Surprise! We’ve added yet another way for you to save more while enjoying more. Introducing Flash Deals: our exciting new offers in the form of 2-for-1 offers, percentage off discounts, or package deals. Exactly what our wallets need during these economically challenging times, amiright?

“What do we need to know?” – we hear ya.

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Here’s the lowdown.

Access the offers by tapping “Flash Deals” on your ENTERTAINER app’s home screen.

Be sure to look out for the validation period of the specific voucher you’re wanting to use. These offers are different from our well-known 2-for-1 offers in that they can be valid for certain months, weeks, days, or even hours. These guys are super flexible ?


What you’ve gots to know:

  • How to redeem?
    You can redeem Flash Deals in the same way our other offers are redeemed. Tell the merchant you are using an ENTERTAINER Flash Deal and they will enter their redemption PIN and reflect the discount on your final bill.
  • Can Flash Deals be pinged?
    Unfortunately, you cannot ping Flash Deals. However, family members who share your account will have access to them.
  • How many Flash Deals can I redeem in one day?
    You can use a Flash Deal maximum four times per day per merchant. Flash Deals renew daily for you to use.
  • Do I earn Smiles on flash deals?
    Unfortunately, you cannot earn Smiles on Flash Deals.
  • Can I buy back Flash offers using Smiles?
    Flash Deals replenish daily, and for that awesome reason, you cannot repurchase the offer.
  • The Flash Deal I wanted to use is no longer there?
    The merchant may change or remove a Flash Deal at any time and are subject to change. So, if you see an exciting offer, use it as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

To help you get started, here are some of our favourite deals you simply cannot miss out on.

6 Flash Deals worth checking out now:

Col’Cacchio’s Somerset West Cape Town
Deal: Free pizza/pasta, OR, R185 for 2 classic pizzas

Deetlefs Wine Estate | Cape Town
Flash Deal: 45% off virtual wine tasting

Ribs & Burgers | Johannesburg & Pretoria
Deal: Keep your eyes peeled here, as they have different offers each month!

Bottles app | Johannesburg & Pretoria
Deal: Free Delivery

Adega | Durban
Deal: 25% off total bill

D’urban Burger Co. | Durban
Deals: 25% off 4-meal family deal OR free coffee

There you have it, hundreds of new and improved ways for you to save some moolah, while tasting the tastiest food and experiencing the best experiences. You’re welcome!

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