Botswana For Beginners: Cheap Travel Ideas

Have you ever dreamt of being in The Lion King? (I know, I know, rhetorical question). I mean, yes, we’ve all been to the Kruger Park and the Joburg Zoo. Even though Botswana for beginners seems near impossible, to see real Africa (*aaah zabenyaaa*), Botswana is your go-to.

Although Botswana seems to be designed for experienced campers (and millionaire glampers), it can also be done inexpensively by the less experienced. If, like me, you fall into this category, read on for some cheap travel tips on Botswana for beginners.


1 | Find a city base

For the most convenient option, fly into Maun. Maun is Botswana’s second largest city and offers all the luxuries (in other words, there is a Woolies) and cheap accommodation. The best part? It’s the gateway to the incredible Okavango Delta. This means that you can book helicopter tours or sunset cruises along the Okavango, and you can take day trips into the bush. But without all the hassle of hiring 4x4s and setting up camp.

2 | Book a group tour

So, this is definitely an option for beginners that are willing to spend a bit more. Booking a group tour is super convenient (all you do is pay and arrive) and it’s quite a luxurious way to enjoy the country. There are so many tour group options, so you’re likely to find something within your budget.

3 | Hire a car and camping gear

This is more Botswana for the fearless mixed with Botswana for beginners. It’s quite a cheap option (+/- R1500 per day to hire everything) but don’t fool yourself about the driving conditions. If you’re not driving with experienced 4×4 drivers or going in convoy, you might find yourself camping next to a car, knee deep in croc-infested waters (I’m not kidding).

4 | Put your social skills to work

Seriously, just go out and befriend some avid campers. That’s what I did (accidentally of course, wink wink) and I was lucky enough to enjoy Botswana authentically. Just remember to thank these friends accordingly. Maybe book them in for a luxurious night at Mogotlho Safari Lodge (the ENTERTAINER offers 2-for-1 deals but shhh, your friends will never have to know).

Oh yes, and seeing as you’re already heading to Botswana for a lekker break, look into making a visit to Namibia as well. It’s well worth the visit.

Do you have any other tips on Botswana for beginners? Let us know in the comment section below.

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