Teaching In Vietnam: Is It For You?

In short, yes! Teaching in Vietnam is definitely for you. For many South Africans there are few options to live and work abroad (thanks, passport). So, I decided to pack my bags and follow the hoards (they must know something, right?).

I hopped on to the cheapest flight to Vietnam, spent 2 months travelling the country and ended up living there for 3 years. Here are the reasons why I think every South African should consider teaching in Vietnam.


1 | Money, money, money

You earn tons of it (in relation to your living expenses, of course). Teaching jobs in Vietnam aren’t hard to come by and the salaries are competitive. An 8 – 5 teaching position can earn you anything between $2000 – $4000 per month (which is like, more than 60 million Vietnamese Dong) depending on your qualification and experience. Never mind the tutoring, extra lessons and online teaching you can do after hours to really rake in the cash.

2 | Travel

You know how they say teachers are always on holiday? In Vietnam this is true. Some teachers work 3 months on and take 3 months off to travel. Other teachers work the usual 8 – 5 and travel during the school holidays (approximately 14 weeks long, whaaat?). Usually your school will incorporate lesson planning time into your hours so you don’t have work to take home. That means weekends are reserved for cheap travelling (using the ENTERTAINER for amazing 2-for-1 travel deals).

3 | Lifestyle

Vietnam offers a lifestyle like no other. As a teacher you are earning a lot, living on a little and travelling all the time. You zoot around on a scooter, eat bizarre foods and meet up with expats and locals alike every 2nd night. The people are amazingly friendly and your job feels nothing like work. Also, it’s so safe.

4 | Opportunity

Many people think that teaching in Vietnam is a waste of time and will result in returning home to just be at the bottom of the career ladder. This might be true in some instances, but for so many people teaching in Vietnam has opened them up to newer, more exciting options. Many expats move on to Hong Kong or actually end up studying full teaching degrees and getting awesome international jobs around the world.

I think that if you love to travel, then teaching in Vietnam is definitely worth trying out. What do you think? Send me your questions in the comment section below!

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