Comfort Food Spots In Joburg & Pretoria

Having a stressful day at work? Feeling a little chilly? Just loving life and want to celebrate? No matter the question, comfort food is always the answer. And you probably didn’t know this, but we are the kweens of comfort food, my friend. The ENTERTAINER has some of the carbiest, cheesiest, and potatoe-y comfort food spots in Johannesburg & Pretoria. Because we care, we’ve rounded them all up for you, so you can get your comfort food fix anytime you need it.

Brace yourself, because comfort food spots in Jozi and Pretoria are coming:

Burger Bistro | Montana & Villieria

When you think of “comfort food” you automatically think of a burger, right? Right. And Burger Bistro have some of the coolest, and biggest burgers that you’ll ever see. You’ll be back for seconds (and thirds and fourths) for sure.

P.S. Please make sure you read their burger descriptions. Some of them are hilarious! My personal fave is the Lance Armstrong: Like a Banting Burger, but we cheat a little bit.

The Raj | Way too many to list

Picture this: Warm, buttery naan bread drenched in butter chicken curry… Mmmm. Wow, I even trailed off and started drooling there. There really is nothing better than a spicy korma in freezing cold weather, and The Raj has some of the best Indian around.

Piza e Vino | Basically every single one of them

A list of comfort food spots just isn’t complete without pizzas, amiright? Piza e Vino has something called a Calzone – it’s literally a pizza that has been folded in half and filled with gooey cheese, meatballs, chilli, and garlic. If that doesn’t scream COMFORT FOOD to you, then I don’t know what will. Oh, and on the topic of pizza, have you found out what your fave pizza topping says about you? Well, you should.

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream | Again, literally all of them

Okay, hear me out. I know you’re thinking it’s probably too cold for ice cream. And I’d usually agree with you. But this is PHIC, which means their scoops are added to waffles, or even to a shot of espresso (it’s called a Cortada and you need it in your life right now). So please trust me and give this one a try?

Guy Fieri’s Kitchen & Bar | Sun International Hotel

And they don’t just have burgers, guys. Their portion sizes are C R A Z Y (because Americans are like that) and they have the most comforting comfort food around. They even have a bacon mac ‘n cheese burger. Mac and cheese. On a burger. I can’t make this stuff up.

El Pistolero | Constantia Park

Three words: Deep fried avocado. Not only do they make the best calamari and chorizo tacos I’ve ever tasted (really, they’re insane), they also deep fry their avocado, add it to a taco, and top it with scabbage slaw, coriander aioli, and finish it off with home-made sweet chilli sauce (watch how it’s made here). It sounds weird, but it’ll soon be your new fave taco.

These comfort food spots should satisfy those cravings for now. You’re welcome.

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