New Merchant Offers, Say Whaaat!?

New Merchant

New merchant offers have come just at the right time because 2020 has been, well, [insert cuss word of choice].

[And we’ll leave this line for a couple more cuss words if need be. Get it out, folks, we totally get you.]

Now, wipe your tears because our brand-spankin’ new merchant offers have arrived just in time for summer. We’re talking; refreshing drinks deals, banging food offers, and even a sneaky skincare special. Whip out your app and check ’em out, now!

Bos Ice Tea

Everyone loves BOS, right!? It’s delicious, proudly South African, and oh-so-beautifully branded. And, you can get it at a 25% discount on your ENTERTAINER app. Summer drinks, sorted?

This new merchant offers a 25% discount on the ENTERTAINER app


The ENTERTAINER is turning up the heat with the addition of Nando’s, South Africa’s one-stop flame-grilled Peri-Peri chicken stop. Not only are we looking forward to some lekker South African humour, but we’re also dying for some world-class chicken and tangy coleslaw.

This new merchant offers a 2-for-1 Quarter Chicken on the ENTERTAINER app.

Ermagerrrd, things are looking UP for 2021! Superbalist (one of our favourite online retail stores) is now on the ENTERTAINER. This means that we can get our online shopping fix while sitting at home and saving at the same time. Whoop, whoop!

This new merchant offers ________________ on the ENTERTAINER app


Yassss, new merchant offers don’t get much better than this one. SKOON offers natural products that are filled with skin-loving goodness, AND you can now get your favourites at discounted rates with your ENTERTAINER app. Skoon that skin, baby!

This new merchant offers Spend and Save offers on the ENTERTAINER app. 

Moksh (CPT only)

Keep calm and curry on, because Moksh is back in action and on the ENTERTAINER. Yup, we all love and adore this excellent Indian restaurant, and now we love it even MORE because they’re offering 2-for-1 curries. Yes, Moksh, you’re second to naan ?

This new merchant offers 2-for-1 chicken, veg or seafood curry offers on the ENTERTAINER app.


Get your groceries delivered to your house at a discounted rate with Bottles and the ENTERTAINER app. Yup, we’re basically saying that you can sit at home, have your groceries delivered to you, AND you can pay less. Biggest win!

This new merchant offers Spend & Save offers on the ENTERTAINER app. 

Marine Dynamics

If 2020 wasn’t crazy enough for you, why don’t you start 2021 off with a visit to Marine Dynamics, the ultimate shark cage diving experience in Gansbaai.?The best part? You can bring a friend, and they will dive FOR FREE.

This new merchant offers a 2-for-1 shark cage diving experience on the ENTERTAINER app. 

Struggling to choose which of these merchants to visit first? Don’t stress, you’ve got plenty of time to try them ALL!

Let us know which of them you love the most in the comment section below ♥

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