2019’s Best Holiday Destination

For far too long I put off travelling Africa. I mean, I knew it was beautiful, but for a South African it just seemed so… unexotic? However, after traipsing through the beautiful (but touristy) South East Asian Islands, I came back to South Africa longing for an African adventure. And boy, did I get one. 2019’s best holiday destination isn’t what you’d think it is.

Namibia was going to be a six-day affair but ended up stealing my hear for over a month. Why, you ask? Because there’s nothing in the world quite like it. Here are five reasons why I think Namibia is 2019’s best holiday destination.


1 | It’s accessible

In Botswana and many other African countries, a 4×4 and an experienced driver is needed to navigate the sandy roads. In Namibia, however, you can hop into any old car and hit the road. Not to mention the fact that you can drive from South Africa to Namibia and save costs on the airfare (woohoo for long road trips with an unlimited supply of biltong).

2 | It’s off the beaten track

Namibia may be easily accessible, but it is such a huge country (three times bigger than the UK) with a tiny population of 2.5 million people. That means you’re almost guaranteed to see no one if you choose not to (could it be 2019’s best holiday destination for introverts?). This makes it feel like you’ve travelled for months to get off the beaten track.

3 | It’s diverse

I can say with full confidence that there’s no country as diverse as Namibia. One minute you’re driving through rocky outcrops, then you turn a corner and you feel like you’re on the moon (literally). Go a little further and you’re on the mistiest, most dismal stretch of beach. And then, boom! Sunshine and the flattest, longest road you’ve ever driven. It’s truly magical.

4 | It’s oh-so-beautiful

Namibia is breathtakingly beautiful. Think braais under the milkiest milky way, early morning drives alongside the desert elephant and Kalahari lion, and afternoons spent lazing by the pool in a dry summer heat. It’s Africa in its essence.

5 | Best of all, it’s cheap

Okay, yes, we know that 2019’s best holiday destination will have to be a cheap one (times are tough!). And, Namibia can be a very cheap holiday. You can bring your own car, pack your own tent and hit the road. You can spend days, weeks, or even months without spending a fortune on accommodation. Or, if you enjoy a bit of the high life (for cheap), you can use your ENTERTAINER 2019 getaways to book super discounted hotels.

Seriously though, put Namibia on your bucket list for this year, you won’t regret it. And let us know what other travel plans you have in the comment section below.

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