Dog Friendly Restaurants In South Africa Petiquette

Dog friendly restaurants in South Africa are not as hard to find as you might think. There are loads in Cape Town, Durban, and Johannesburg & Pretoria. Like, loads. But that doesn’t mean you can just gooi your pooch into the car and offload it, leashless, at a restaurant to run amok whilst you enjoy a meal with the choms. No, guys. Come, now.

If you want to bring your pooch to one of these dog friendly restaurants in South Africa, there are some rules you need to follow. Read these 8 petiquette tips to ensure a smooth doggy-dining experience.


1 | Leash ‘Em, It’s The Leashed You Can Do

This is the most obvious, and most important petiquette rule of them all. Your dog should always be leashed before going anywhere in public. This is to ensure his/her safety, as well as the safety of others.

2 | Bark Ahead Of Time

Don’t just rock up with your doggo especially if it’s your first time visiting the establishment with a pet. Call ahead of time to make sure that your pooch will be welcomed with open arms. Discuss the size of your animal, and ask for a table that will be suitably positioned so as not to inconvenience other customers.

3 | But First, Walkies

If you’ve got an energetic pup, a pooch that needs to pee and poop a lot, or any kind of dog for that matter; exercise is vital. Especially before going to a restaurant. You want your little fur-bae to feel tired and ready to just rest at your feet for at least an hour. You also don’t want him/her to need the loo, mid-meal. So, walk it out.

4 | Bring A Bowl

When you call ahead, ask them if you need to bring your own water bowl and treats. Some restaurants offer pet menus, water bowls, and doggy biscuits for your little fur-bebs, but some don’t. No matter how cute you find it, it’s extremely unsettling for other customers to see your pup eating off the restaurant’s porcelain plates.

5 | Shhhh!

If you’ve got a barking Bruno, it’d be better to leave him at home. Keep your hound quiet by ensuring he has a bone or toy to enjoy whilst you’re munching on your own. If they do start making noise or acting up, make sure you’re prepared to leave the restaurant without making too much of a scene.

6 | Pooches Love Patios

And patios love pooches. So, if there is outdoor seating at a restaurant, it is recommended (and sometimes mandatory) for dogs and their owners to sit outside.

7 | Tip, Tip, Tip!

We cannot stress this enough. If your waiter serves you and your dog well, tip extra. It is awesome that restaurants are open to hosting our furry friends, so show your appreciation by being kind, respectful (i.e. quiet), and showing gratitude (tipping).

8 | Share Your Pets-perience

If you have an awesome experience at one of these dog friendly restaurants in South Africa, shout it out from the woof-tops! (Or just let us know in the comment section below). These restaurants are a god-send for pet owners, and have given our beautiful doggies the chance to be with us 24/7. Woof-eeee!

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