Rules of Use: Stop What You’re Doing & Read This

Are you sitting down? Comfy? Got your thick skin on? Great, because we need to talk. You know we absolutely love each and every one of you, but we’ve noticed there are a few people who don’t know our Rules of Use. And it’s starting to cause some issues for us. If you want your fave places to stay on the app, then please listen up and hear us out. Trust us, this is better for everyone – including you – in the long run.

We’re just an app, standing in front of its users, trying to help them be better (by sharing our Rules of Use). Here are a few things you should know:

1| How many offers can you redeem?

You can redeem one offer for every two people. Out for date night and have a Cheers and a Main Menu Item? Pick one or the other. Just one. A maximum of four offers can be used in one sitting, but that means you have to have eight people or more to redeem all four offers. Please don’t try split bills, either. It’s not cool.

2| When can you use your app?

We know you want to use your app all day, err day. And for the most part, you can. Except on public holidays and “special” days. So no, you can’t use your app on Freedom Day, National Women’s Day or Workers Day. And if you try, please don’t argue with the merchant – they’re just following the rules. Check out the full list of exclusion days here.

3| What can you order?

What you see on your app is what you get. If it says Main Menu Item, you and your friend order from the Main Menu. If it says Burger, you both order a burger (btw you need to check out these Hard Rock burgers – they’re delish). And if you’re unsure, please ask your waiter to clarify before you even place your order. Please remember, offers are exclusive and are not valid in combination with any other discount offers or promotions.

4| How do you redeem your offer?

Easy, let your waiter know you’ll be using the app before you request the bill. Then pull up the offer on the app, hand your phone to the waiter, and they’ll handle the rest. The least expensive item will be deducted, and you save some moolah. But please remember how helpful your waiter has been, and tip them on the original bill (they deserve that tip).

5| What else can you do?

This isn’t a rule, but it’s something we’re begging you to consider. Please don’t order tap water. You’re going out for a meal anyway. It just so happens that you can now save some money while you’re at it. So, order a normal drink. And if you actually do prefer drinking tap water, then maybe even splurge and get that starter you’ve been eyeing but never wanted to get because you were already spending so much on mains. We’re here so you can treat yo’self ?

It seems like a lot to remember, so we understand if you need to read over everything a few more times. Find the full list here, or simply open your app > click on the profile icon at the bottom of the screen > select the wheel on the right-hand side > scroll down until you see our Rules of Use.

And we’re sorry if we hurt your feelings, but now we can start afresh ? Have any questions? Pop them in the comment section below.

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