The ENTERTAINER 2021 Is Ready For Ya!

The ENTERTAINER 2021 is here, so let’s raise our glasses and have a cheer! ?

Man, this year has been one helluva challenge for everyone, and we can’t say with any certainty what 2021 will look like (except that we’ll be a whole lot poorer, and waaay more willing to save cash). We get it. The short stick has been drawn and positives are hard to come by at the moment.

So, we reached out to our fans, listened to your suggestions, and now we’re launching the ENTERTAINER 2021 with a twist! Read the full scoop, here ?

Not only have we updated our app and added some epic new merchants to tantalize your tastebuds, but we’ve also made our packages that.much.better.

This is exactly what the ENTERTAINER 2021 is going to include:

1 | Buy the ENTERTAINER Cape Town, Durban, or Johannesburg & Pretoria…

…and you’ll get 2 additional cities FOR FREEzies.

(Buy Cape Town & receive JHB & DBN free, buy DBN and receive JHB & CPT free, buy JHB and receive CPT & DBN free).

2 | Purchase your app between the 27th of October and the 31st of December…

…and you’ll pay ONLY R345 for any and all cities.

3 | Members purchasing the app NOW will get…

…all of their 2020 deals topped right up, as well as the 2021 app starting from 1 Jan.

4 | First-time purchasers of the app will get…

…all of the 2020 deals, as well as the 2021 app starting from 1 Jan.

In a nutshell, we’ve streamlined and made it super easy to get all of the ENTERTAINER 2021 products and offers that you love for one brilliant price, and without the hassle of worrying about add-ons. Just choose your bundle, add it to your cart, and away you go. Everything will be unlocked and ready to go! ?

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