Post-Election Drinks Deals You’re Going To Need

Post-election drinks deals. The perfect way to celebrate or mourn our new government. After months of listening to certified non-politicians (i.e. dads) debating the political situation in SA, we have finally reached D-Day. Our fingers are sweating just at the thought of picking up that pen. Minds racing. Could our vote be the swing? Does the Dagga Party stand a chance? Should we start packing for Australia? All these questions (and sleepless nights) will be put to rest this week.

Whether you’ll be celebrating or drowning your sorrows (or just going for a pic of your newly-marked thumb holding a tequila), we have the best post-election drinks deals in the country. Just remember, guys, voting day is a public holiday and an ENTERTAINER exclusion day. Save your post-election dranks for Friday 😉


1 | Don’t Worry Beer Happy (Yes, Bob, just yes)

Whether an ANC, DA or EFF supporter, beer is the most reliable way to bring South Africans together. Knock back a beer and your pride if need be, and cheers to our new government. These watering holes will have you beery happy with their awesome 2-for-1 post-election drinks deals.

Cape Town | Stellenbrau Brewery

Cheers Offer: Selected House Beverage

Johannesburg & Pretoria | Baracas Lounge

Cheers Offer: Draught or Glass of House Wine

Durban | Hops Restaurant

Cheers Offer: Tank Draught, Glass of House Wine or Cocktail

2 | Shake It Up, Shake It Up! (Taylor Swift getting us for once)

Shake it off, shake it up. Tom-ay-to, tom-ah-to. Sometimes we just need a cocktail or 5 to numb us to the election results. These swanky spots will have you drinking in style and feeling like you live in the best country in the world (which we really do, guys).

Cape Town | My Favor8

Cheers Offer: Cocktail

Johannesburg & Pretoria | Billy The Bums Food & Cocktail Bar

Cheers Offer: Cocktail

Durban | Lucky Shaker

Cheers Offer: Cocktail

3 | Red, Red Wiiiine (Sung off-tune and at the top of your lungs)

Why should there be a time frame on wine? It’s just old grapes, like raisins. No one says you need to wait ‘til midday to eat raisins. So, if the bar is open, wine ‘o clock it is! And that is no exception post-election. Head to these gorge spots to make some pour decisions ?

Cape Town | Marianne Wine Estate

Cheers Offer: Glass of House Wine

Johannesburg & Pretoria | Asanka

Cheers Offer: Glass of House Wine

Durban | Jackie Horner Pub & Grill

Cheers Offer: Glass of House Wine

4 | Shots, Shots, Shots (The wise words of LMFAO)

This one’s for the big emotions. For the people who are deeply devastated, or alternatively elated, by the results. It is also a must for the non-voters to have at least 10 shots – you will be punished for your sins.

Cape Town | Nu Bar Stellenbosch

Cheers Offer: Bottle of House Spirits (da-yam)

Johannesburg & Pretoria | Kitcheners Bar

Cheers Offer: Two Shooters, Glass of Wine or Beer

Durban | S43

Cheers Offer: Two Shooters or Craft Beer

OK, so, there you have it! Just a few of the most awesome ENTERTAINER post-election drinks deals in SA. For more Cheers offers, log into your App -> Select Food & Drink -> Select Cheers -> Voila! You’re well on your way to feeling ungoverned 😉





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