Monthly March Newbies On The ENTERTAINER

“Monthly March Newbies” – doesn’t this just have a lekker ring to it? ?

March is gonna be a goodie, I can feel it in my bones. We’re only three months into 2018 and we are on one heck of a roll here at the ENTERTAINER. Just look at the fab monthly March newbies we have in stock for ya’ll. Looks like March will be the month of sharing memorable experiences with a bestie, partner, or even just with yourself (gotta love some me-time).

My dearest Capetonians, we’re really sorting you out this month.

You could challenge yourself to try all these March newbies in one day, if you’re crazy like that. Start your day with a brekkie at Table Thirteen, and then make your way down the road to get a fab Keratin smoothing hair treatment at Excentric Hair. By now, you’ll probably be ready for lunch, and what’s better than a sushi plate at The Lookout Deck, am I right? Afterwards, you can sommer go learn how to make your own sushi at Towers Restaurant. End your perfect day with a gin tasting at New Harbour Distillery, obviously. They loved being featured as a monthly offer so much (remember Feb’s monthly offers?) that they decided to stay a little longer. Lastly, go grab an 8-piece corn dog and a lager (I mean, what ?) at Wild Clover Breweries. Now, that’s what you call a successful day in Cape Town.

Jozi, we’re def giving you the most monthly offers.

A full 9 March newbies, to be exact! And I must say, the Food & Drink offers we have in store for you all have such cool names. Tell me you don’t think that Gio Pane Vino, Barefoot Kitchen, @Kates Kitchen & The Boss sound exciting? I’d go to all of them just because of their names. Chocolat et Cafe will also come in handy on a ‘craving’ kinda day. Alternatively, you could head to Nitro Health & Nutrition to make you feel a little better after indulging.

Durbs, your March newbies might actually just take the cake.

You’ve got choices, guys! What a great position to be in. C H O I C E S! So, go make them decisions, and make ’em good. You can now try I love my coffee or Carlien on the Boulevard for brekkie, or Kemayu Spa or M.E.G: Skin & Body Experts for that much-needed massage and long-overdue face peel. Lastly you’ve got some big choices to make between some cool activities and retail offers. And they are: Mindgame Escape, Animal Farmyard, Vans Projects and Angus & Lizzy. You know what I just realised? You don’t even have to choose – just go do them all.

Remember, “March is Mine”, so go round up all your favourites to share great times with.

Enjoy x


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