Undiscovered Destinations To Explore Before You Die

We’ve all wanted to go to these undiscovered destinations but always end up choosing the good old faithful options, right? I bet this short and sweet article will be a game changer for you.

Why not treat yo’self and explore some undiscovered destinations for a change?

Check out these 5 not-so-ordinary-destinations and their attractions:


I know you’re probably thinking, “seriously, Zanzibar is not that out of the ordinary”, but I bet you didn’t know about the annual Zanzibar Beach & Water sports Festival. This is a 3-day festival and it’s a celebration of beach life, culture & music. Those are definitely 3 of my favourite things to celebrate. Adding this to my bucket list, for sure!

Sri Lanka

Until very recently, I only associated Sri Lanka with cricket. Luckily the association was not too wrong, but it’s definitely not a very knowledgeable one. I read up on the previously one-dimensional country (to me, at least) and was pleasantly surprised. Sri Lanka used to be known as Ceylon. Ceylon tea is my favourite, so I carried on reading and found that Ceylon tea was indeed found in Sri Lanka and considered the first non-commercial tea plant in the country. Mmm, now I want a nice cup of tea… if only I could sip it while relaxing in this beautiful hotel.

Petra, Jordan

I, for one, would NOT mind spending a couple of days in a city that’s all millennial pink (which is the Colour Of Now, by the way). It’s known as the “Rose City” due to the colour of the stone out of which it’s carved, and it’s one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Definitely a must-see in my lifetime! And I already know exactly where I’ll stay – check out this incredible accommodation.


Ok, Egypt has been on my ‘next country to travel to’ list since forever, and I’m seriously convinced now. Desert-living, pyramids everywhere you look & camel riding – it’s totally different to what we’re used to here in Sunny South Africa. I want to put myself out of my comfort zone… just for a couple of days.

Here’s a few things to remember when visiting Egypt:

  • A tourist Visa is valid for 3 months, so you can travel properly ?
  • November through March are the most comfortable months for travel in Egypt (weather-wise)
  • During Ramadan, many restaurants and cafés won’t open until after sundown. Public transport is less frequent, shops close earlier before sunset and the pace of life (especially business) is generally slow.


Want to be able to post images like this onto your Instagram page? Well, then you have to visit places that offer photogenic & visually on-point scenic views like this. That’s the only way to do it ? Besides being one of the top diving destinations in the Mediterranean, it boasts mystical backwaters, historical forts and amazing panoramas.

What undiscovered destinations are on your list? If international travel is a little out of your budget, check out these ways to travel locally. Cheers to the explorer within you!


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