5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Child

It’s time to unleash your inner child. Remember the days that were care-free and sweet? When you ran around in your garden and pretended to battle vicious beasts? Yes, the good old days. Now it seems our 9-to-5 days are filled with monotonous routines and a lack of imagination. But who says being an adult has to be boring?

We at the ENTERTAINER are not just here to help you reminisce the good old days. Instead we’ve come up with 5 ways to unleash your inner child.

1 | Build A Bed-Sheet Castle

Oh, forts and how we loved them, grabbing mom’s favourite sheets and using any potential object to hold them up. It was your secret cave, your little getaway and how great it would be to run away from all the stress in your life. Feel like a kid again and build a fort to escape the madness of the world around you. Because you deserve it. Stream your favourite Kiddies series on Netflix, grab all the delicious snacks of your childhood and unleash your inner child.

2 | Go Fly A Kite (Literally)

Feet running along the sandy beaches with a colourful kite in hand. Relive your childhood days and enjoy a day out at the beach where you can fly a kite. It’s a fun activity and a fantastic way to de-stress so grab some friends – or try it as a date with your special someone. You can always become an adult again afterwards and grab some beach side 2-for-1 dinner or drinks using the ENTERTAINER App.

3 | Get an Adrenaline Rush at Clubventure

As we get older we lose our ability to “just go for it.” Unleash your inner child by taking the leap and not caring about those silly little bruises. Get your adrenaline pumping by trying the zip line at Clubventure. The rush of wind in your face will have you really channeling that little kid inside. With the ENTERTAINER you can take a friend (but not have to pay for them, win-win!).

4 | Embrace your Wild Side at a Funfair

Growing up, funfairs were the best! Popcorn, cotton candy and all the rides that filled you with excitement. Feel like a kid again and enjoy a day out at Mr Funtubbles. Scream at the top of your lungs on the family swing or the rocking boat and try your luck at attempting to win a prize.

5 | Try Cloud-Watching

It’s like bird-watching but way more imaginative. Lie on the grass, lift your head to the blue skies and try and create characters and images from the white mounds of fluff above. Grab those friends, have a mini picnic and then relax while trying to decipher the clouds. Have a laugh as you all come up with the craziest of stories and the wildest of images. What can you see in the clouds today?

We all need a breather, a moment to unwind and just enjoy the little things that once gave us joy. Reminisce in the good old days and feel like a kid again.

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