Women’s Month – Who Run The World?

Who run the world? Girls. Because if Beyoncé says it (or sings it, rather) then it has to be true… and super appropriate for Women’s Month.

In celebration of Women’s Month, we ended August on a high note by dedicating a day of pampering to some of the strong, fearless and independent women in our ENTERTAINER lives. We ticked some things off our bucket list while treating these lovely ladies to 8 hours of relaxation, fun and food (because nothing beats food, tbh).

How do you have the perfect pamper day in Joburg, you ask?


Well first you have to surround yourself with a wonderful group of women. We were so lucky to be joined by Aisha, Kate, Gina, and Shinnai for a little “me time” celebration.


You should do something for you. Something that you maybe don’t often do. So we started the day with manicures at Prime Nail Boutique.


Food is so important (to me at least, haha), so make sure you eat something delicious. We indulged in a delicious brunch with lots of bubbles at Parc Fermé in the heart of Sandton – a table overlooking the hustle and bustle of city life and gorgeous architecture is recommended ?


Because food comas are real and no one wants to do anything strenuous after wining and dining, do something that will make you feel relaxed. You could meditate, or book a back, neck, and shoulder massage at Renaissance Spa Sandton. Also, can we talk about those insane views overlooking Sandton? Breathtaking!


End the day by treating yourself to something sweet. You deserve it. Haagen-Dazs was the cherry on top of what was a wonderful day.

Now that you have a bit of Women’s Month inspo, I’d love to know what you would do on your perfect day of pampering. Let me know in the comments below!

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