5 Rad Ways To Explore Durban’s Outdoors

South Africa (in my humble and biased opinion) is home to some of the most breathtaking sea views, grassy landscapes and mountain terrain. And the best reason to explore Durban’s outdoors? You get the added bonus of gorgeous weather conditions pretty much year-round. (Or, if you prefer wintery indoor activities – Durban’s got them too).

Whether you have the hiking skills of a mountain goat, or consider waist-deep water a challenge (like me), here are 5 ways to explore Durban’s outdoors. They’re bound to whet your adventure whistle.


1 | Enjoy a leisurely ride with Xpression on the Beach

Living it up in the Durban sunshine means a non-negotiable trip to the beach. Make the most of KwaZulu’s gorgeous coastline with Xpression on the beach. This one-stop-chilled-adventure-hub offers SUP, surfing and skating rentals for anyone from the amateur to those in the know. For those who like to look at the sea, rather than be in it, hiring bicycles is a must. Take a slow ride along the beautiful Durban promenade – choose sunrise for the most magical experience.

2 | Take it up a notch at Giba Gorge Mountain Bike Park

Outdoor enthusiasts in all their forms will love a day out at Giba Gorge. In the lush Giba Valley, mountain bikers have 45 kilometres of single-track terrain to play with. Trail runners and hikers can get their game on along the hilly paths, while those looking to take it easy can enjoy a stroll towards the waterfall. You’ll find me picnicking under the trees or kicking back and relaxing in Giba’s open-air café.

3 | Get local at eNanda Adventure Park

The next time you explore Durban’s outdoors, add a cultural twist with a closer look into local life. You won’t find any staged, ‘touristy’ demonstrations at eNanda Adventure Park, but rather an opportunity to immerse yourself in traditional Zulu culture. Meet the local Rastafarians (yes, really!), tucked away in hidden caves, before travelling through South African terrain at its finest. Situated along the sprawling Inanda dam, a beautiful waterfall viewing serves as a stunning grand finale.

4 | Soak it up at Clubventure – Esenembe Valley

15 kilometres inland from Ballito you’ll find the picturesque Esenembe Valley. A hub of activity for individuals and families, Clubventure also makes an exhilarating change from your run-of-the-mill team building weekends. Water babies can sharpen up their scuba skills with diving courses, or skid down the epic 70-metre waterslide (yep, that’s a super tube, folks). Get a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous valley on a 1.5-kilometer zip-line tour, complete with mountaintop launching spot.

5 | Dance your heart out at the mysterious Secret Sunrise

Be the early bird, explore Durban’s outdoors and let your inner hippy child smile at the next Secret Sunrise. These trending guided dance events are dedicated to celebrating – you guessed it – Durban’s gorgeous sunrise. Instructors, headphones, secret outdoor locations and a whole lot of booty shaking make this one of the most uplifting ways to start your day. Guys, don’t knock it ‘til you try it; this is one of those experiences that offers a little extra magic, as you move together with other morning revelers.

Durban has a lot to offer – how do you explore Durban’s outdoors? Spread the love and share your favourite activities and outdoor locations in the comments!



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