Vegan Month: The Cape Town Way

It’s Vegan Month. Well, actually it seems like it’s been Vegan Month for the whole of this past year (Capetonians do love their greens). But if you haven’t heard of it, here’s the low-down: October is the month where health conscious, vegan-curious South Africans try their best to be vegan for 31 days.

So, to motivate you a little, we thought we’d help you out and round up some spots where you can celebrate Vegan Month in Cape Town.

P.S. October is SA Vegan Month, and November is World Vegan Month. Which means you actually get two whole months to try an animal-product-free lifestyle. You’ve got this ?


Their vegan vegetable platter is made up of green tender stems, grilled cauliflower, marinated peppers, artichokes, green beans & crispy sweet potatoes. This may sound pretty basic, but once it’s in front of you you’ll see that it’s literally everything you could ever want in one platter. If it doesn’t fill you up, they have a great penne arrabiatta, which is the perfect vegan pasta. Added benefit: you’ll defs get that spot-on Insta pic, as Lou Lou’s is very aesthetically pleasing.

#2 | MANGA

If you’re looking for breakfast or sushi, this spot covers both. You could have an amazing open club sandwich and choose vegan-friendly toppings for it. Or, dive into the sushi I opted for during my last visit: the “Field Marshall” is made up of an asparagus and avo roll, topped with shiitake, tofu and green truffle oil dressing. I also devoured the “Hawaiian Roll”, which was made of asparagus, pineapple & avo, with toasted pineapple and sweet chilli dressing. If you aren’t really a sushi person, they have poke bowls and a few tapas and sides you can enjoy. You can really win at MANGA this Vegan Month, guys!


Their vegetable shio is packed with flavour. I mean, it’s comprised of tofu, bamboo shoots, bean sprouts, spinach, nori, scallions and of course, ramen with broth – this dish will definitely have you back for more. Alternatively, you could go for a tofu bean poke bowl or a tofu burger (without the mayo), or even a rice wrap. #ChoicesChoicesChoices


Did you know that Ethiopians fast for 180 days every year, where they only eat vegan meals? CRAY! So, Addis In Cape is right up any vegan’s alley, as it’s an Ethiopian restaurant in the heart of the city bowl. Their menu has a number of vegan dishes for you to choose from, but my personal fave thing to do is creating a vegan combo. You also eat with your hands. LOVE.


Yep, this is an ALL VEGAN CAFE with mostly gluten-free meals on the menu! What could be better than that? Why not try the aubergine schnitzel topped with sweetcorn and cheese sauce? It’s served with steamed broccoli tossed in pesto, on a bed of sweet caramelised spinach and topped with almond flakes. A mouth-full, I know, but a delicious one. You can even have a hookah pipe and enjoy live entertainment on weekends.

The best part is that you can find all of the above on the ENTERTAINER App, which means you’ll be saving cash (as well as animals). Go win at life while you enjoy Vegan Month!

P.S. If you need to cheat a lil’ (but not too much), here are some vegetarian-friendly spots for you. You’re welcome.

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