Man Up With These Movember Monthly Offers

If you know us (and I really hope you do by now), you’ll know that we always take the opportunity to jump on the bandwagon of anything cool, really. So, with Movember being in full swing, we did just that. We want to be part of a movement that changes lives, whilst offering even more to YOU. And we’re doing it #MoENTERTAINER style.

We’ve rounded up some epic activities for you, your ‘stache and your bros to do this Movember:



#1 | Curry & Craft | #MoChow

Offer: Bunny Chow & 1 Beer

Estimated Savings: R100

#2 | Jeep Tours Cape Town | #MoDunes

Offer: Dune Adventure Tour

Savings: R1950

#3 | Stellenbosch Brewing Co. | #MoBeer

Offer: House Beer

Savings: R40



#1 | Paul’s Home-Made Ice Cream | #MoScoop

Offer: Flavour Of The Month Scoop

Savings: R27

#2 | Lazer Battle Zone | #MoBattle

Offer: 15min Laser Tag Mission

Savings: R65

#3 | Acrobranch | #MoZip

Offer: Big Zip

Savings: R90



#1 | Gateway Action Karting | #MoAction

Offer: 10 Laps Of Action Karting

Savings: R60

#2 | S43 | #MoBeer

Offer: Craft Beer

Savings: R35

#3 | Buff Parlour | #MoMan

Offer: 60min Full Body Massage

Savings: R250

If you are brave enough to take on another challenge too – then you have to check this out!

We’ll be donating a percentage of every single redemption to cancer research this Movember.

C’mon, guys, take your ‘stache out and go do the right thing!

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