A Word From The MOVEPRETTY Ladies

Hello lovely ladies. As you all probably know by now, we are MOVEPRETTY, a proudly South African premium ladies athleisure brand, designed by women, for women.

MOVEPRETTY understands that women want to feel confident and beautiful…

…especially when living a healthy, active lifestyle. Annelize designs with the stylish, dynamic woman in mind, and Mari makes sure that all the “prettymoves” work just as well as they are beautiful. It is important to us that each “prettymove” has a touch of delight – that small surprise that makes the woman wearing it feel special and pretty.

Let’s talk #PrettyEntertaining:

It was pretty entertaining, right? Our collaboration with the ENTERTAINER came as a no-brainer when Yolandi and her team approached us. Two local brands, same energy, synergy and objectives – it just made sense. So, if you’re a tad bit sad that our 10-week giveaway series is nearing the end, don’t stress! Because we’ll definitely be back for more.

I mean, what would our Mondays be like if there was no more [WINNING BIG]?

What did we enjoy most?

We had so much fun reading each entry and comment on our posts. Is it just us, or was the interaction on fire? ? Seriously, we’re stealing some healthy tips and tricks for ourselves, and you’ll definitely be seeing those smoothie recipes on #SmoothieThursdays – so keep those coming, pretty please!

Jokes aside, what stood out most for us is that we realised we have a big (and pretty moving) #GirlBoss community of ladies who strive and thrive to uplift, encourage and motivate other ladies around them. At the end of the day, that is what we want to achieve – to inspire, empower and uplift our fellow prettymovers to do their thing, do it unapologetically and always MOVEPRETTY.


Here at the ENTERTAINER, we couldn’t agree more with the MOVEPRETTY ladies. All of your health tips will defs be used. Thanks ?

A final congrats to all the fabulous women who entered, won & shared some insight. We love you.

Oh, and Happy Women’s Month ??

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