Here’s Why Thailand Is Still Cool, Guys

Yep, you heard it here first – Thailand is still cool. Take my word for it, I was there not too long ago. And I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised by its raw, natural beauty, the extremely friendly and hardworking people, and by the fact that we found so many hidden gems in the commonly known ‘tourist spots’.

First things first – if you’re a Thailand virgin and you’re soon to find out why Thailand is still cool (yay for you, I’m seriously jelly), you need to brace yourself for the following:

  • You will sweat the majority of the day, err’day.
  • The locals will most prob NOT understand you the first, second, or third time when you’re trying to figure out which way your hotel is.
  • There are funky smells… everywhere, basically.
  • You can sleep when you’re dead, and it’s quite frowned upon to sleep… ever.

Now that we’ve sorted out the stinky part, let me tell you exactly why Thailand is in fact still very cool.

All you need to do is…

#1 | Watch the video

Sometimes you don’t feel like reading. And that’s totally fine. Luckily, we made excellent use of the office GoPro to put together a wannabe-professional video for you to watch (scroll up!) so you can see exactly why Thailand is still cool.

#2 | Go with people you actually like

You’d think this would be obvious, right? The thing is, it doesn’t necessarily mean that just because you’re bffs, you’ll be btbfs too (Best Travel Buddies Forever, duh). Sometimes you’ll find that the less you know a person, the better you’ll travel together. Well, in my case, I traveled with my work colleagues (yikes) and yes, I liked them before the trip. And I knew that they wouldn’t leave me stranded on an island. But, I didn’t know them that well, and I truly didn’t know that I was about to have one of the best holidays of my life with them. Together, we took Phuket and Phi Phi by one helluva storm.

#3 | Take it easy

It’s island living on this Island, fo sho! Don’t rush anything, don’t rush anyone. This can actually be that one holiday were you chill and relax (except for the fact that you won’t get any sleep in). It’s all about strolling along Bangla Road, hopping from one bar to the next the entire night, or browsing through millions of street markets every day. And doing all of that on repeat. You can spice it up with a quick swim here (just remember that the water won’t cool you off), or a ferry ride to another island there. But boy, you’ll be doing A LOT of walking. So, take it easy. And remember, you can go for the cheapest full body massages every single night – even at midnight.

Oh, and if you need more island inspo, check this article out.

#4 | Go on a boat party

I almost want to say that this is mandatory. It made my holiday. What am I even saying? It made my LIFE. It brought all my fave things together in one three-hour-long boat trip. Just the right amount of tourism, friends, swimming, dancing, snorkeling, spot-on music, food, and lots of G&Ts. Oh, and diving into the ocean from the boat. Sounds super chilled, but it was, in fact, quite high, okay? This day was super epic – you’ll see a lot of the footage in the video came from it.

#5 | Lastly, bring your negotiating A-game

Pro tip: never, I repeat, NEVER accept the first price they tell you to pay. Always negotiate. Negotiate until you feel that you’re basically gonna pay nothing for whatever it is you’re buying. Don’t feel bad, everyone does it. That’s just how it works there, I promise.

#6 | For reals, lastly – get ready for THE FOOD, the glorious food

If you have a sensitive stomach, maybe reconsider your destination. Thailand’s food is absolutely out of this world, but it’s also un-apologetically hot and intense. The alcohol too. So, you have to either toughen up, or not eat anything. But, there’s nothing that a fresh coconut juice can’t fix the morning after. If you’re a foodie, like me, you’ll miss the food even three months after your travels.

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Basically what I’m trying to say is, if you’re cool, Thailand is still cool ? Oh, and it’s a visa-free country, so you decide what you want to do with that info…

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