Holiday Have-Tos Vs Want-Tos

The holidays can be a joyous and rejuvenating occasion… when your time is in your hands. But sometimes things creep in that you don’t necessarily want to do. Like when Aunt Anne asks you to show her around the city for the day. You know that means she’ll end up staying for an extra day (or two). Or when the in-laws are in town and want to go for dinner. Chicken won’t be the only thing being grilled, if you know what I mean? ? These common holiday have-tos vs want-tos can get the best of even the most organised person.

Which is why The ENTERTAINER is jam-packed with SO many offers. The App really helps you plan for the holiday that you want, and for the unexpected (and sometimes uninvited) things that you have to do. Check out these holiday have-tos vs want-tos.

Holiday Have-Tos:

The In-Laws (and extended family)

The holidays are always the not-so-perfect time for the family to drop in unexpectedly. You have to be ready for these surprise attacks, because they could happen at any moment. Food brings people together, so a meal is always a good option. Treat them to a yummy pancake breakfast at The Perfect Cup, or creamy avo on toast for lunch at Gorge (because avo toast is life). If you’re feeling adventurous for dinner, try the apple, bacon, feta and caramelized onion pizza from 86 Public. Mmmm, pizza.

The Responsibilities

Because life doesn’t stop when you want to take a break, we’ve made it a little easier to complete those chores. Like washing your car. You’ll be using it a lot over the holidays, so you have to make sure it’s clean, right? A quick wash at Carwash @ View Cafe will solve your clean-car needs. You should also give yourself a break from being soaking wet while washing your pup, and spoil your furry friend to a dog wash at Doggy Boutique by Marlina. If you’re reading this after washing your pooch, then it’s time to take that dress in to be dry cleaned before it goes in your holiday bag! Check out Pressed in Time for that one.

The Summer Body

Let’s be honest, everyone wants a summer bod, so we have to put in the effort. If you’re one of those people who are motivated enough to work out over the holidays, then can I please be you?! But seriously, if you are, then keep switching up those routines with everything from yoga at Hotpod Yoga, to functional training at Switch, and boxing at TopBox. Your body will thank you sooner rather than later ?

Holiday Want-Tos:

The Food

They say calories don’t count over the weekend. Do you think that applies to holidays? It’s basically one long weekend anyway! Either way, food is essential to life. And good food is essential to a great holiday. Have a sweet day with a delectable ice cream creation from Haagen-Dazs, or take the savoury route with a monster burger from Hardrock Cafe. You can even experience a taste of authentic Thai cuisine at Wangthai. The opportunities are endless. So make sure you tick all those dishes off your foodie bucket list in December. In the long list of holiday have-tos vs want-tos, this is possibly my favourite one ?

The Travel

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say holiday?

If you think of white, sandy beaches and a clear blue ocean, then you should definitely visit the Maldives, Mauritius, or the Seychelles. The App has some wondrous hotels that you can visit across the islands of the Indian Ocean, so be sure to check them out! ?

If you’re thinking of something a little more low-key and closer to home, then a staycation is the way to go.

The Time To Relax

You can plan an extravagant holiday, or find a place near home for the weekend. Or you can take a few hours to escape from the world. Plan the ultimate day of relaxation and take a half day package at Bakwena Day Spa, or treat yourself (and a friend or Aunt Anne) to an express facial at Soulstice Day Spa.

Now go, be free, and have the best time ever knowing that your holiday have-tos vs want-tos are covered ☀

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