Here’s Why You’ll Love May’s Monthly Offers

You’ve just come back from a relaxing long weekend, it’s a short week (so you only have to deal with your annoying co-workers for a few days), and May’s Monthly Offers are here, and ready to be redeemed. Oh what a time to be alive!

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The list of offers gets longer every month (because we’re awesome), and May is certainly no exception. So, I’ll keep this intro short and sweet, and get straight to telling you why you’ll love May’s Monthly Offers.


Well then, we have some exciting hanger-busting offers for you!


Let’s face it, no one’s gonna like you if you’re hangry. So you’ll have to head over to Chocolat et Cafe for lunch, or even Africa Restaurant & Bar for an all-you-can-eat buffet to become a pleasant member of society once again. I’m not kidding! You really have no excuse if there’s a 2-for-1 buffet. Or, if you’re feeling fancy, then why not indulge in a high tea at The Palm Terrace Restaurant? Pinkies up!

For the thirsty people (or those who want to vent about the aforementioned colleagues), then 2-for-1 post-work cocktails with a few of your faves at The Warehouse Restaurant or Col’Cacchio sounds like a great opportunity to let it all out. Oh, and please remember to balance the booze with food ?


Breakfast: The most important meal of the day. Grab a friend and get started at Table Thirteen and Chinos Coffee this month. How amazing does that sound? Better yet, if you’re still full from breakfast but realise that you can’t pass up another opportunity to eat because you love food THAT much, you can follow it up with two tapas from HQ. Or, you can go all in and grab a gourmet burger combo from Wild Clover Breweries.

And if I got your attention after mentioning “brewery”, then this one’s for you. Stellenbrau Brewery is offering a tour and a tasting throughout May. It’s delicious and educational – a pitcher perfect combo!


As I mentioned, breakfast is crucial, so start your day off at I Love My Coffee. Uh, can we just take a moment to talk about how cute and super appropriate that name is? I mean, there’s really nowhere else to get your morning fix, is there?! Unless you have a sweet tooth and like to start your mornings with a slice of cake, then I recommend visiting The Pot and Kettle, or Lucky Bean Kids for that one. Lastly, Piatto will cure that carb craving with their 2-for-1 pasta of the day. Mmm… pasta…


I mean, we have just come out of a long weekend, where anything was possible and adrenaline junkies grabbed life by the… well, you know. But if you missed that boat, then there’s still time to do all the things you wanted to do over the long weekend in April. And you can use May’s Monthly Offers while you’re at it.


Let’s just say you need big cojones to tackle the big zip at Acrobranch. And if you’re looking for adventure, there it is! Plus, did you know that you can conquer it as many times as you want in May? Yep, there’s actually no limit to how many times you can use May’s Monthly Offers, which is what makes them so special. If you didn’t know that, take a peek at these App hacks you need to know, and sneaky ENTERTAINER secrets for more tips and tricks.


Ok, this one’s not AS fear-inducing as the big zip (unless you have a fear of balls flying at your head, then I’m sorry for downplaying your very real fear), but a round of golf at Westlake Golf Club is something that you probably wish you’d done over the long weekend, amiright? Now’s your chance – get swinging! And if golf isn’t your thing, then try your hand (you’ll see why that’s funny now) at making sushi at Cape Town Marriott Hotel Crystal Towers. That one’s definitely on my weekend bucket list.


Durban, you beauty. Of course you would have super cool and adventurous offers this month. Like the combo ticket for Phezulu Safari Park, and the guided mountain bike tour at iSithumba Adventures. BRB, booking a ticket down to Durbs so I can feel like I’m on holiday again.


And let’s be real, EVERYONE needs this every now and then.


Take a quick breather at Breathe (get it?) with a 30 minute facial. It’s Buy One Get One Free, so you’ll be able to go back for another 30 minute facial any time after you pay for the first one. In total, that’s a WHOLE HOUR of pampering. Or, if you’re growing tired of human interaction, you can get some alone time at home and send everyone else for facials! You save money whichever way you play May’s Monthly Offers ?


Woah, there are SO many relaxing offers in Cape Town this month. You can choose from a pamper package at Oayssis Hair & Beauty Bar, or a massage draining pepper treatment from Desert Rose Health and Beauty Salon. You can even treat your skin to a classic facial from Lavish Looks Skincare, or oxygen skin therapy at Gold Leaf Spa.

Oh, and for life’s little (and maybe not-so-little) permanent mistakes that you’d rather not see every day, then there’s also a non-laser tattoo removal from Desert Rose Health and Beauty Salon. Not quite the ‘me time’ you were expecting, but you’ll feel great about yourself when you’re done.


Imagine over an hour of blissful peace, quiet, and a relaxing 75 minute full body massage. No, this isn’t a dream. It’s real life, and it’s at Neno Skincare. You can also treat yo’self to an IPL hair removal session at Micante Beauty, so you’ll be cool for the Summer, when Summer eventually comes back around, lol. But remember, Summer bodies are built in Winter… or faked. Whatever works for you. And on that note, please remember that sunscreen isn’t just a Summer thing. The sun’s still there, and harmful UV rays are always out to play even when it’s cloudy. So, protect your skin, and save R150 at Total Skin Solutions.

Lastly – and this is a goodie – get a full day of alone time with a 50% off hot desk service at The Corner Office. This flexible working space is just what you need when a massage AND cocktails didn’t help shield you from the peeps you work with.

There’s basically something to fit every mood, and cure every craving. And that, my friends, is why you’ll love May’s Monthly Offers ✌

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