Stay Home And #StayENTERTAINED

Remember us? That loyal friend who always has the best ideas of where to have dinner, what to do on weekends, and where to get your nails did? (We promise we’re are still that friend, we’re just laying low and staying at home for a bit. Everyone’s doing it, ok?). No need to worry though, we know you need to #StayENTERTAINED while you stay home, so…

We present to you (drumroll please), the #StayENTERTAINED series:

Ok, so you can’t go out for dinner atm (no one can so stop being a baby), but you sure can try to recreate your favourite nail art from your favourite spa. And maybe you don’t have a whole lot of work to do either, but you can surf the web or scroll through IG all day long. Or just focus on your health for a change. You might just stumble across a hilarious meme, our amazeballs Spotify playlists, or see who / what your friend’s work buddy is (we’re hoping to get some weirdos chatting to their plants the closer we get to the end of lockdown).

What we’re basically trying to say is that you will not be bored as long as you keep those eyes peeled to our pages. We’ve got you, gurl.

1| #FeelGoodFriday

End off the week on a high note. Play those funky tunes & treat yourself to that post-work drink. You’ve earned it! And while you’re at it, pop onto our IG page for all the funny, feel-good, must-know extracts of the week.

2 | WFH Pic

We’re not creepy, promise. We really just want to see what your WFH set-up looks like (and maybe we can steal some tips, ok?). Are you a dresser-upper, a ‘work at the top, party at the bottom’, or a straightforward PJs-the-entire-day kinda person? Do you have children or animals who constantly seek your attention? Or are you a loner? Like, are you doing lockdown all. a. lone?

3| What Our Friends Are Doing

We have friends in high places. ‘Why not utilise them?’, we thought to ourselves. This means you get to tap into the insights of some of our influencer friends and most interesting owners, chefs, beauty therapists & entrepreneurs whose businesses are on the ENTERTAINER app and get to see what they’re doing to keep busy during the lockdown. You lucky fish!

There are ways to escape this crazy, uncertain time and we’d like to take credit for helping you get out of that rut . Cheers to you, to your extremely strong (and pricey) WIFI connection, and to us for helping you during these dire times.

#StayENTERTAINED, South Africa!

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