6 June Monthly Offers That’ll Make Your Month

It’s time to celebrate all the small things in life. The things you wouldn’t normally notice, but that are right there under your nose. It’s time to stop and smell the roses for a change, guys. What are the roses, you ask? Well, they’re some extra love from us to you, called June Monthly Offers, which will make your month even better and more affordable than ever.

Here are a couple of teasers of all the fab June Monthly Offers we’ve loaded onto your ENTERTAINER App:

#1 | Dapper Coffee Co | Cape Town

These guys just get it right. Every. Single. Time. I guess their vintage car display makes it kinda easy for them to be the coolest kids on the block. And now they’ve decided to make your month by adding a burger offer to their listing. I mean, their coffee is fab already, but have you tried their burgers?

#2 | Paardevlei Sanctuary | Cape Town

I don’t know about you, but this must be the driest winter I’ve ever experienced in Cape Town. And as you know by now, I am full of solutions and great ideas. So, I’m telling you now that a chemical peel will sort you out chop-chop, and make you glow again. Go make that appointment right now.

#3 | Style Studio | Durban

Shorter days getting the best of you? The Durban sun is sinking earlier and earlier and you just don’t feel your fabulous self? In times like these you need an ‘upper‘ (lift-me-up-er). And what’s better than getting your nails did to spoil yourself a little? Not much, to be honest. So, go make that appointment, girls ?

#4 | iPlanet Virtual Golf | Durban

Now, this is what we call C-O-N-V-E-N-I-E-N-T! A quick 9-hole round of golf, under a roof mind you, before or after work. Out of all the June Monthly Offers, it doesn’t get more perfect for winter weather.

#5 | Ashoka Authentic Indian | JHB / PTA

This one is especially for all the hard-working business people out there (in Pretoria). Ashoka has just launched lunch as part of our June Monthly Offers. Just what you needed to make your month. Step out of your office and go have some authentic Indian. You know you want to.

#6 | Laser Battle Zone | JHB / PTA

This month, we’re all about quick breaks here in Gauteng. But, more importantly, fun breaks! So, how does a 15 minute laser tag mission sound instead of your usual, boring tea break? I think YES!

These are just a few teasers, guys. So, for more reason to celebrate the little things, go check out your June Monthly Offers on the app by clicking on “filters” next to the search bar.

And if you need more proof that we love you, go see how you can win some gorgeous athleisure (and an App!) with our MOVEPRETTY competition. Happy June!

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