How To Save R2500 In Jozi This Weekend

The festive season is right around the corner. Which means we’ll be spending money on presents (because every single family member plus their cute little pup deserves one), petrol for driving to said family members, or converting your cash to whichever currency they use in that country you’re going to visit. So the Summer of Saving (SOS) is upon us. What if I told you that you could still do a ton of activities AND save R2500? Luckily, a not-so-little App called the ENTERTAINER is here to save the day…

…and save R2500 in one fun-filled and jam-packed weekend in Johannesburg!


Sip on post-work cocktails at The Steamworks Bar

Weekends start on Friday mornings, amiright? Unfortunately we can only start celebrating on Friday night, so pop into this steampunk-inspired spot after work for a cocktail, save approximately R55, and let off some steam (pun intended).

Have post-drinks dinner at Kong

Unless you’re someone who cooks to relax, skip the stress of having to plan dinner and head to Kong instead for some delicious Asian comfort food. You’ll save about R110… and your sanity.


Switch up your Saturday workout

If you’re getting a little tired of your normal weekend fitness routine, then it’s time to shake things up at Switch Lonehill. It combines cardio, boxing, plyometric training and so much more to create the ultimate power hour ? And you’ll save roughly R150. If high intensity workouts aren’t your thing, then check out this Wild Thing Yoga flow and follow along.

Fly through the sky with Microlight Adventures

Take this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be free, save about R1800, and explore the world from the sky.

Have a chuckle at Parker’s Comedy and Jive

Because it’s probably been a very busy day, take a moment to sit and relax. And prepare to laugh until your tummy hurts and tears are running down your face. I’m not joking when I say you can save approximately R120.


Get a fresh coat of polish at Placecol

A fresh mani or pedi is definitely a must-have when you’re preparing for the week ahead. Pamper yourself and save about R220. P.s. how cute is this colour?!

Actually, take the day off at Life Day Spa

Have you ever tried a Rasul Chamber? Basically, you slather your body with mineral-rich muds, enter a steam room, and then wash it off with cool water. Because it soothes and warms the muscles, it’s ideal before a massage. Did I mention that you’ll save approximately R370?

Remember I told you that you’ll save R2500? Well there you go. Now bring on Monday!

Actually, you’ll save R2825 altogether. But who’s counting? (We are).

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