Have A Pamper Day In Cape Town With Your BFFs

Desperately need to chillax? I hear ya. You deserve to let your hair down and have a pamper day in Cape Town. Let this short and sweet video inspire you to holla at your bestie, plan some relaxing activities, and go #treatyoself. Just like we treated a couple of ladies to an ultimate ‘chill day’ a few weeks ago, where no one was allowed to lift a finger. Believe me, we all walked away at least 2 years younger.

So, here’s what you need to do to let your hair down and have a proper pamper day in Cape Town.

Wild Thing Yoga Studio | For setting your intentions

Our day started the way every day should: setting our intentions at Wild Thing. An hour of deep breathing, cleansing thoughts and getting our sweat on in the most beautiful studio of all time set the perfect tone for the activities ahead.

Scheckter’s RAW | For a healthy boost

A delicious superfood smoothie at Scheckter’s RAW was just what we needed after yoga. Man, they are so on-point with their healthy, vegan offers. It almost makes me want to convert entirely… (I’ll ponder this a little longer). If smoothies aren’t your thing, you can always visit one of these sweet places for a spot of tea.

Life Day Spa Cape town | For relaxing and unwinding

What’s a day of unwinding without a mani / pedi? It must be one of the most relaxing things to do… or to be done to you, I guess. Life Day Spa sorted us out and even welcomed us with a glass of bubbles, which is basically every girl’s fave drink (AND it makes for the perfect Boomerang post).

Grand Africa Cafe | For being grand

By now, we were properly h u n g r y , and what’s better than lunch with a view? The Grand Africa Cafe never disappoints. I mean, they can’t with a stunning location like this.

The level of indulgence is a little bit embarrassing on my part, but I just couldn’t help myself, okay? I had their Grand Salmon Salad and an assortment of desserts which we all shared. I’t obviously not even necessary to mention the bubbles and chardonnay.

Thanks to all these lovely ladies for joining in the pampering (go check out their blogs, they’re a must-read!)

Matanna Katz

A Short Girl’s World


Witty Wine Woman

Too Much Loveliness

The Plum Blog

And a shout out to the talented Stephan Fourie Creative for this awesome video & Local Truth for your on-point photography skills.

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