4 Days To Redeem These August Offers!

Yep, you won’t be able to resist these August offers. You’d think that there’s already enough variety to choose from in the ENTERTAINER app, right? Wrong! There’s no need for you to lower (or even manage) any expectations when it comes to our incredible monthly offers.

Simply open your ENTERTAINER app, activate the monthly offer filter, and start scrolling to see your exclusive August offers:


You’re in for a treat with these out-of-this-world August offers.

  1. Mangwanani Boutique Spa | There’s really not that much to say here. Call your mom, sister, bestie or partner and go #TreatYoSelf ? (with bubbles, of course).
  2. Hussar Grill / Beluga / Casa Bella | Meat, seafood, pizza/pasta, anyone? Yes to all of the above, please!
  3. Xpression On The Beach | With summer basically upon us, a bike ride on the prom is a MUST for several reasons. One – because it’s fun, duh. Two – you need to get in shape for real summer, and you might as well enjoy it a little.

Johannesburg & Pretoria

From swinging through the trees to sorting out your tyres, we’ve got you, Jozi.

  1. Salsa Mexican Grill |Spice up your week with a lil’ extra chilli on your nachos. I mean, why would you not want to be on fire? (Oh, and this is yet another reason why you should really ditch your sad desk lunch).
  2. Acrobranch| If you need to get your bones movin’ (because you’ve been in the snuggling position the entire winter, like me), this will defs make you stretch those legs and arms.
  3. Supa Quick | Always remember to be safe when you’re on the road. Get a 55% discount on your wheel alignment, balancing & full car check. It’ll be such a grown-up thing of you to do, but people will be impressed ?

Cape Town

After this past weekend, we all desperately want it to be summer, right? We’ll have to fake it for now, unfortch.

  1. Cafe Caprice | This place screams summer with an ocean view, cool beats in the background and their main menu August offer on the ENTERTAINER app. (Maybe take a jersey along, because it’s still winter, guys.)
  2. New Image Beauty Day Spa | It’s normal to feel somewhat sluggish during winter. Luckily we can do something about it. What is that, you ask? Getting your nails did, obvs.
  3. E-lectric Ventures | Ignore the weather and go behave like a kid on the promenade. An electric cycle ride sounds freakin’ cool, if I say so myself!

What are you waiting for, guys? You only have 4 days left to go enjoy these August offers. Go, go, go!

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