Restaurants We CAN’T WAIT To Visit After Lockdown

Restaurants to Visit

Restaurants to visit post-lockdown, you ask?

2020 has been one helluva Corona-coaster. The combination of Pineshine, expensive gwaais, working from home, and no ENTERTAINER app to keep us busy and out of the house has resulted in some fascinating Lockdown behaviour. And, while we’ve found it all very entertaining, we’re starting to dream of getting out.

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That’s why we’ve come up with a list of restaurants to visit post-lockdown – just to whet the appetite n’ bietjie. And, trust us when we say, you’re NOT going to want to miss out on these bad boys.



Hudsons | Bedfordview & Hazelwood

No one can provide fab Friday vibes like this renowned burger joint. Whether you’re there for beers with the boys, milkshakes with the gals, or a dirty date with a juicy patty and two cute buns, Hudsons never disappoints. We can’t wait to get out of the house and into Hudsons, like, right neowww.

Hudsons offers 2-for-1 burgers on the ENTERTAINER app.

Piza E Vino | Multiple Outlets 

In pizza, we crust. Especially this Italian chain’s. Not only do they serve up delicioso pizza, but they also offer all the romantic lighting, on-point service, and crisp vino that an order-in just can’t match. Honestly, guys, can Lockdown end already?

Piza E Vino offers 2-for-1 main courses on the ENTERTAINER app.

The Anti Social Social Club | Mellville 

Did someone say cocktail? We haven’t heard that heavenly word in a while, which is why The Anti Social Social Club is at the top of our ‘Restaurants to Visit Post-Lockdown’ list. Their funky feel-good vibes, delicious dishes, and unbeatable decor will have you feeling like you’re on that postponed Bali vacay you’ve been dying for, while their cocktails are definitely strong enough to make you forget about it.

The Anti Social Social Club offers 2-for-1 cocktails on the ENTERTAINER app.

TILT Coffee | Mellville 

Turn your morning cuppa Nescafe into a fabulous cappuccino at TILT – the coffee shop that we just can’t wait to visit again. Quaint, quirky, and intimate are just a few ways to describe this little Joburg gem, but what we love most about TILT is that they treat everyone like a regular (even your much-loved pooches).

TILT Coffee offers 2-for-1 beverages on the ENTERTAINER app.

Zorbas Taverna | Boksburg 

We’re sorry, but you just can’t replicate authentic mezze, Greek dancing, and tzatziki in your own home, no matter what you say, Karen. And, that’s why we are reeling for Zorbas to open for in-house dining. This little diner, with its gorgeous decor, simple but oh-so-delish menu, and epic Greek entertainment has us practicing our OPA!  in post-lockdown anticipation.


Marianne Wine Estate | Stellenbosch 

While we’re all delighted that alcohol sales have officially been unlocked, you still can’t beat a bottle of smooth red and unsurpassed Stellies vineyard views, right!? And that’s why we’re just dying for some good old fashioned wining and dining on the wine route.

Marianne Wine Estate offers 2-for-1 glasses of wine on the ENTERTAINER app.

BEERHOUSE | Tygervalley 

Beer and bar snacks are one of the only combos that you just can’t get away with enjoying from home. And we all know that BEERHOUSE is the king of both. As soon as we’re unleashed into the world, we know where our first stop is going to be.

Beerhouse offers 2-for-1 brew snacks and main courses on the ENTERTAINER app.

The Slug & Lettuce | Century City 

Service with a smile is what The Slug in Century City is all about. As well as serving up pub grub, showcasing all of the sports games, and providing parties all night long. We can’t wait for this all-rounder to open up ASAP so that we can get our fix of good food, vibes, and socializing.

The Slug & Lettuce offers 2-for-1 main courses on the ENTERTAINER app.

Roseberry Sushi | Mowbray 

If there’s one food we’re missing during this lockdown, it’s sushi – Roseberry’s sushi, specifically. This cozy little joint offers an intimate environment, delicious sushi, and an all-round good time out. While takeaways will have to just do, for the time being, we’re raring to dine out at this fresh Cape Town gem.

Roseberry Sushi offers 2-for-1 sushi dishes on the ENTERTAINER app.

Orchard Farm Stall | Grabouw 

WE CAN’T WAIT FOR ROAD TRIPS and pit stops for the world’s most delicious pies and fresh apple juice at the Orchard Farm Stall.

The Orchard Farm Stall offers 2-for-1 toasted sandwiches, home-made pies, burgers, and selected house beverages.


Alchemy | Ballito

Ballito’s sunny Sunday afternoons just aren’t the same without a pop-in at Alchemy. Lush G&Ts, crisp champers, and icy beers are just a few of the exquisite offerings at this craft cocktail bar. The Friday night jol, delicious dishes, and jam-packed outdoor ‘dancefloor’ are just a few of the things we can’t wait for, post-lockdown.

Alchemy offers 2-for-1 main menu items, craft beers, bubbles, and gin & tonics.

Prodigy Coffee House | Umhlanga

Coffee, smashed avo, a blissful environment, and extra-friendly staff sound good to you? Well, then, Prodigy needs to be on the top of your list of restaurants to visit post-lockdown. We know it’s on ours.

Prodigy offers 2-for-1 beverages and breakfasts on the ENTERTAINER app.

Kingston Beach Club | Stamford Hill 

Feet in the sand. Sun on the skin. A quick dip in the pool. Cocktail in hand. Dance moves on point. Kingston Beach Club has us dreaming of better days. We’ll be waiting, KBC, we’ll be waiting.

Kingston Beach Club offers 2-for-1 selected house beverages on the ENTERTAINER app.

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream | Berea & Suncoast Casino 

The only way to enjoy waffles and ice-cream is at Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream. With beautiful outdoor seating, laidback vibes, and the best sweet treats everrrr, we’re counting down the days until we can visit this joint.

Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream offers 2-for-1 espresso-based beverages and waffles (single AND double).

Freedom Cafe | Windermere 

The countdown to freeeeedom has begun, and with it comes all the drool we have to mop up as we think about the delish brekkies this cafe serves up. We also love the sunny outdoor feels, friendly service, and shopping options in the area. C’mooon, Cyril!

Freedom Cafe offers 2-for-1 beverages, breakfasts, and main menu items on the ENTERTAINER app.

Which restaurants are you dyyyying to visit after lockdown? Let us know in the comment section, below!


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