The Ultimate Lockdown Guide

Lockdown Guide

Who would’ve thought that 5 months in, we’d still be in lockdown? No one. But, here we are and we might as well make the most of it. We’ve put together a little lockdown guide to ease things up and to show some support for our beloved merchant partners who are having a real tough time atm.

Let’s show some love by following this lockdown guide:

#1 | Check Out Our Special Lockdown Collections

It doesn’t get easier than this. No need for scrolling for days, wondering whether your fave restaurant is open for biz and accepting our app during this time. We’ve sommer curated two lists so that you can have the answer at the touch of a button. What are they called, you asked? Lockdown Takeaways and Lockdown Deliveries. (Spoiler alert: yes, Bottles is on the latter, and yes, they are offering free delivery!).

Where can you find them? The are slap-bam in the middle of the home page. Basically the first thing you’ll see upon opening the app. Enjoy!

#2 | Call Ahead Before Arriving

Guys, no one likes disappointment. No one wants to drive all the way to a destination and build up all that excitement on the way just to hear that you have to go back home. So, just call the restaurant (or spa, or wherever you’re planning on going) ahead of time and you’ll be a happy chappie.

#3 | Let Us Know If A Merchant Is Closed

We have hundreds of merchant partners on the app and there’s no way for us to know everyone’s every move at all times. Please be a doll and let us know when you discover that a place has closed down – temporarily or permanently (*sad face*). Our team is doing everything they can to be three steps ahead, but we’re only human, after all.

#4 | Try Some Of Our Fave Spots On The App Right Now

How to even choose? But if we absolutely had to, we’d go with:


Scoop Ice Cream 

Offer: Double Scoop of Ice Cream

Savings: R52


Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

Offer: Double Waffle

Savings: R59

Cape Town

Col’Cacchio, Stellenbosch & Somerset West

Offer: 25% Off Total Bill

Savings: R50

There you have it, a short and sweet lockdown guide for you to have a happier, easier lockdown.

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