Jack Black Beer And Street Food Pairing

What’s better than an ice-cold beer and street food pairing? Not a lot, I’d say. It’s the start of a sunny new week, which means you still have plenty of time to invite all your coolest friends and meet them at Jack Black Brewery for post-work beers. And it obviously won’t just be ‘post-work’ beers… I mean, who am I kidding?

To make things even better for you (because we’re cool like that), you can totally turn those beers into an entry into our #EntertainerBucketList competition, which is running ’til the 9th of September. Aren’t you just one lucky gal/guy? So enter now enter now enter now! This means that you’ll be able to kill two birds with one stone by:

  1. Redeeming your Jack Black Beer tasting offer on your App
  2. Entering to win an epic getaway, simply by tagging us and using #EntertainerBucketList on your pics

All while you de-stress after a not-so-tough week. Because let’s face it, to start work at 9 am, take a proper lunch break and run on the promenade every afternoon – plus be home with your family before sunset – is actually what some people dream of. And when I say ‘some people’ I mean Joburgers 😉

To get back to this freaking awesome video – watch it, share it, and watch it again – our team went on a little adventure to Jack Black’s Food Truck Friday Festival. It goes down every last Friday of the month, and man, did we end up having a jol of a time. Frans, the top-notch barman and manager at Jack Black Brewery Co (thank you so much for all your help), suggested some truly delish combinations.

So, let’s talk about the actual beer and street food pairing.

First off we have Jack Black beer-battered hake and onion rings, paired with Keller Pills. This beer is unfiltered and contains a bit more hops than the other beers, so the bitterness cleanses the pallet and makes it easy for you to try the next pairing on the list. Moving on, we paired chicken wings with Cape Pale Ale, which is brewed only with local hops from the Western Cape. Deep-fried-anything works perfectly with this baby.

Next up we have truffle fries, which is a light dish but also hearty at the same time. The best beer to sip with this is Jack Black’s flagship beer, the Brewer’s Lager. This beer has been made since the company was started, and Frans told us it’s important not to over-analyse this pairing as it works effortlessly. Lastly, we paired the bacon and jalapeno burger with an IPA to give you that final flavour kick. This beer really amplifies the chilli in the burger, and it’s a hawt combo 😉

Wanna know how you can experience the perfect beer and street food pairing?

Doesn’t this all sound like something you need to taste and experience… like yesterday? Luckily you don’t need to buy tickets for the festival. It’s for freeee! All you need to do is:

  1. Remember your ENTERTAINER App to redeem your offer so that you can stand a chance to win
  2. Enter the competition by uploading a cool photo and #EntertainerBucketList
  3. Be thirsty
  4. Be hungry
  5. Be merry
  6. Uber there and back! Safety first people!

Note – Jack Black’s Taproom is open Wednesdays – Saturdays with mouthwatering options from their own menu, and the last Friday of every month for Food Truck Friday. You can #treatyoself even more by visiting during the week as well 😉

Happy beer-ing, happy street-food-ing, happy redeeming, and happy winning 😉

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