Christmas Gift Guide: ENTERTAINER Edition

There are only a few weeks (days / hours / minutes – depending on when you’re reading this) ’til Christmas, and we’re not panicking, YOU ARE. Okay, we are too. Which is why we sat down and came up with our very own Christmas Gift Guide: ENTERTAINER edition. So basically, if you have the app, you’re sorted for this festive season. And if you don’t, keep reading, because we have a solution for that, too 😉

Take a peek at our (brilliant and inexpensive) Christmas Gift Guide:

1 | FOOD

You can never go wrong with food, amiright? Treat your friends to a lekker lunch, brekkie, or dinner at one of these spots. Not only are you feeding your loved ones, you’re also giving them the gift of your time. Two birds, one stone.

CAPE TOWN: Knead | Main Course | Estimated savings: R70

JOBURG & PRETORIA: Ribs & Burgers | Classic Burger | Estimated savings: R80

DURBAN: The Hussar Grill | Main Course | Estimated savings: R100


You probably know a handful of people who love their choccies, biscuits, cake, and fudge. And now you can get ’em the perfect sweet gift using your ENTERTAINER app. How easy was that?!

CAPE TOWN: Banting Baker Gigi | Spend R400, Save R100

JOBURG & PRETORIA: Jack Rabbit Chocolate Studio | Spend R800, Save R160

DURBAN: Sugarlicious | Main Menu Item | Estimated savings: R18


Your coffee-obsessed loved one will be BUZZING (pun intended) when you take them out for a cuppa, or when they open their prezzie and see you got them the finest beans SA has to offer. Hakuna Ma’coffee.

CAPE TOWN: Merkava Coffee Roasters | Spend R300, Save R90

JOBURG & PRETORIA: Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery | Spend R75, Save R22.50

DURBAN: Starbucks | Beverage | Estimated savings: R35


This one’s for all the people in your life who like to stop and smell the rosé; for the friends who make pour decisions; and for the peeps who like to wine down at the end of a looong day. Okay, we’ll stop with the puns now. You get the picture.

CAPE TOWN: Cloof Wine Estate | Spend R500, Save R100

JOBURG & PRETORIA: The Good Oaks | Spend R2000, Save R400

DURBAN: Siwela Wines | Spend R420, Save R84


There’s a very high possibility that a lot of people in your life are getting new phones for Christmas. We know you’re jealous, but slap a smile on your face and be the good friend that you are by giving them something that’ll actually help protect their new baby, mmkay?

SOUTH AFRICA: Cellucity | Spend R600, Save R180


Skincare products should be on every Christmas Gift Guide, if you ask us (even though no one did). The skin is the body’s largest organ, and it should be treated with respect, and slathered with mud masks and moisture-rich creams.

CAPE TOWN: Hey Gorgeous Skincare | Spend R1000, Save R300

JOBURG & PRETORIA: Magic Spa | Spend R1000, Save R300

DURBAN: Total Skin Solutions | Spend R450, Save R135


Because who doesn’t love to be treated to a relaxing massage or life-changing mani? Better yet, it’s 2-for-1 if you use the app, so you can join them and make a day of it. Remember the thing we said about giving the gift of your time? It’s a double whammy.

CAPE TOWN: Radisson Blu Spa | Spa Pedicure | Estimated savings: R380

JOBURG & PRETORIA: LCN Beauty | Gel Overlay | Estimated savings: R440

DURBAN: Teremok Spa | Express Dermalogica Facial | Estimated savings: R350


There’s always that one person in every friend group. The one who gyms on a Saturday, who ‘pigs out’ on pumpkin noodles when you’re all stuffing your faces with actual carbs, the one who’ll love you for life if you gift them with a cool new workout for Christmas. This one’s for them:

CAPE TOWN: Wild Thing | 50% Off Yoga Drop-in Class | Estimated savings: R75

JOBURG & PRETORIA: Hotpod Yoga | 50% Off Single Class Pass | Estimated savings: R150

DURBAN: The Original Get Fit Challenge | 50% Off One Month Membership | Estimated savings: R225

9 | 2020 MONEY-SAVER

And finally, let’s talk about the gift that keeps on giving: the ENTERTAINER 2020. The app is filled with thousands of 2-for-1 offers, so your friends and fam can save moolah at some of the best bars, restaurants, spas, gyms, and so much more across SA. Read all about it here.

And, we’re still running our Early Bird special, so you get the app at a fraction of the cost. #Winning

SA BUNDLE: R595 (was R995)

CAPE TOWN: R445 (was R595)

JOBURG & PRETORIA: R395 (was R595)

DURBAN: R395 (was R595)

And that wraps up our gift guide (we’re really not sorry for all the puns in this post, this one included). Now stop stressing and be MERRY, dammit! We’re mostly speaking to ourselves here, but we hope this guide helped you, too.

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