What Kind Of Drink Are You?

It’s no secret that what you say, order, and do says a lot about who you are. Have you ever wondered what drink you would be based on your life choices? Well, we’re here to help answer these burning questions. Choose A, B, C, or D in this Cheers edition of What Kind Of Drink Are You, and we’ll tell you exactly which one you’d be, and what it says about who you are.

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Let’s get this Cheers edition started, shall we?

Would you rather:

A: Get just enough sleep
B: Wake up before sunrise and get that hike in
C: Sleep? Who needs sleep? Let’s party!
D: Sleep all day, every day

What would you rather eat:

A: Sugarlicious ice cream macarons all the way
B: Defs a green smoothie
C: Anything, really
D: Pizza, duh

How do you stay active:

A: Give me a trampoline park any day (or anything that doesn’t feel like exercise)
B: Boxing, because you don’t want to mess with me ?
C: Yoga (it’s great to do at home, or in a class)
D: Does shopping count as exercise?

Pick a holiday destination:

A: London
B: Bali
C: Mykonos
D: All of the above

Pick a date idea:

A: Arcade games, bumper cars, and bowling
B: Something unconventional, like surfing
C: Double-date drinks
D: Dinner and a movie

Mostly As: Piña Colada

You enjoy the sweeter things in life, like cupcakes, cronuts, and cake. You have loads of energy, like a kid on a sugar high, which means you’re always game to unleash your inner child at places like Bounce, or the Ice Rink. If you had to be a drink, you’d definitely be this sweet coconut cocktail.

Mostly Bs: Red Wine

Hello, health nut. Whether it’s a pilates class, a SUP session, or a hike in the great outdoors, you can’t go a day without doing something active. From a green smoothie for breakfast, to a sushi dinner, you lead a super healthy lifestyle, making sure your body always gets the proper nutrients, which is why red wine suits you the most. It’s heart-healthy (in moderation) and full of antioxidants.

Mostly Cs: Tequila Shot

Or any shot, actually. You’re an outgoing, all-or-nothing kind of person, who’s always ready to PARTAY. You thrive when you let your hair down, but you also understand the importance of winding down with a spa day every now and then. Because you’re outgoing, you live your best life when you’re with a huge group of friends.

Mostly Ds: Beer

Relaxed, easy-going, and well-rounded are just a few of the many words that people use to describe you. Chilling with friends is important to you, but huge parties aren’t really your thing. Instead, your ultimate night would involve pizza (because it goes so well with beer) and beer tasting with a few buddies. Basically, beer is life and your Cheers edition choice.

So, what kind of drink are you?

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