5 Ways To Beat Those Post-Holiday Blues

I spent most of March 2018 overseas, exploring different cities, experiencing different cultures, and completely out of my comfort zone. It all started on our annual conference in Dubai (where the ENTERTAINER was born, guys), followed by another week in Thailand. I truly embraced that jet-setter life, and it was incredible. But, the morning after my plane touched Joburg soil, something very strange happened… I started to feel sad. How the heck could I feel sad after such a life-changing trip? Post-holiday blues, that’s how. Who even knew they were a real thing?

Here’s how I learnt to beat those post-holiday blues, and here’s how you can too:


This one may seem obvious, but if you’re not supposed to cry over spilled milk, then don’t let those post-holiday blues get the better of you. Grab that mop (or paper towel) and clean up that metaphorical milky mess. Throw yourself into that huge project at work, or spring clean your comfy abode, even if it is mid-Autumn. Just do something productive to get you back into the right mindset. And start sorting through all those travel photos for the next point.


I have become that person who posts holiday pics to Instagram even though I’ve been back for an entire month. Just because the journey’s over, it doesn’t mean that those memories need to be forgotten. In addition to Instagram, I’ve also framed a few Polaroids and mementos, which transport me back to my happy place every time they catch my eye. Make it your mission to remind yourself of your epic adventure on a daily basis.


What’s the difference between you on holiday, and you at home? The first you was actually getting out of the hotel and exploring an unfamiliar world. So, why not become a tourist in your own city, and start exploring a few new spots that you’ve never seen before? There are so many fantastic hidden gems and things to do right under your nose, all you have to do is look. Oh, and make sure you take a look through the Attractions & Leisure category on the App while you’re at it. You can thank me later for all the money you’re about to save on all those activities.


Now that you’re back, spend some time seeing your friends and family. You probably have loads of stories to share, so catch up over a beer at Baracas (Pretoria), sushi at Manga (Cape Town), or a cocktail at The Jazzy Rainbow (if you’re in Durbs). P.S. these are all 2-for-1 and on the App. Again, thank me later.


Hey, what can I say? I’ve been bitten by the travel bug, and there’s an itch that needs to be scratched. So I’ve already started planning my next holiday. And even though I’m still trying to decide which of these visa-free countries is next on the list, I do know that I’ll be using ENTERTAINER getaways, because you can get up to 60% off on accommodation! How cool is that?! There’s nothing holding you back from travelling, so bring on the holidays.

And then, when you’re back from your next trip, simply repeat these steps to beat those post-holiday blues, and do it all over again ?

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