Joburg’s Winter Warmers (Because Winter Is Here)

Joburg’s winter warmers are here, because winter has finally come. Jon Snow (looking oh-so-sexy in his leathers) has battled it out with the White Walkers (well, this is what I assume/dream happened but maybe it’s not. I’m actually going to binge-watch all the episodes this weekend, so NO ONE SPOIL IT IN THE COMMENTS, okay? I know I’m late to the game, but better late than never!) and Joburgers are barely managing to get out of bed. With frosty mornings and cold, dark evenings, what is left to keep these poor South Africans in the (2-degree Celsius) highveld happy? Besides Jon in his leathers, of course.

We’ve got just the thing: Winter warmers. 5 of Joburg’s perfect hangouts for those days when you feel like you just need to warm your soul. The best part? These places offer 2-for-1 discounts with the ENTERTAINER, so you’ll get to drag someone out of bed to come with you, for free.


1 | Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream

I know you’re thinking if you wanted brain freeze for brekkie you would just go into the garden at 6 AM and lick the grass. BUT Paul’s doesn’t only offer (the best) ice cream, they also offer decadent waffles and espresso-based beverages.

2 | Anja’s Tea Garden

Not only is Anja’s the quaintest little coffee shop, but it also has a fireplace. Nothing screams Joburg’s winter warmers quite like this cosy restaurant with its slogan, “home-baked love” (heart-melting stuff right there). They serve up some real wholesome wintery dishes too, just to top it off.

3 | The Warehouse

“Not another fireplace!” said no freezing Joburger, ever. That’s why I’ve included another winter warmer that is awesome because of its fireplace (and food and atmosphere). And it’s conveniently placed in the Protea Hotel in O.R. Tambo, so why not stay a night too?

4 | Tan Addicts

Fake it ’til you make it, right? If that’s the case, then Tan Addicts can definitely pass as a winter warmer. Okay, so you might not be warmed literally, like fireplace-y spots #2 and #3. But you will look like you’ve spent your winter in the Caribbean. And that counts, surely.

5 | cResults Digital Fitness Boxing

The best winter warmers are definitely the ones that make you H-O-T and S-W-E-A-T-Y. At cResults, you’ll get warmed up in minutes. And after a couple of winter sessions, your bod will be hot and summer-ready. Win-win!

6 | The Bull Run

We couldn’t not end with more food, because comfort food cravings in winter are a real thing, amiright? And where do you get some of the best, hearty (but still fancy AF) dishes? At The Bull Run, of course! Whether it’s steak or their legendary Bull Run Beef Burger, they have everything you could possibly want in frosty weather.

Do you have any other winter warmers to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.

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