Save Big With Your April Monthly Offers

This is not an April’s fool scam, I promise. It’s the April monthly offers you’ve been waiting for for the last three months.

We’re here to put a huge smile on your face all the time, but especially at the start of each month. We know the salary you got paid a week ago is basically depleted already and you feel like you need to take a two-day long nap (especially after all these public holidays – it makes you yearn for more and more). Am I right? The solution is quite simple, if you ask me. And, by opening up this browser to read my article, you kinda asked me for one heck of a solution (indirectly). So, here you go – follow this simple five-step process to see your April monthly offers:

  1. Grab your phone
  2. Open up the ENTERTAINER app
  3. Choose the category you’re interested in
  4. Scroll a tiny bit down, and
  5. Voila, you’ve landed straight on the April monthly offers tab in the specific category (that we’ve so kindly organised for you)

Let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get down to business.

What’s the fuss about these monthly offers, you ask?

Well, some of our merchants like to share some extra lovin’ every now and then, so they decide to add a limited offer for all y’all to go and redeem. So, it will usually be something different to the original three offers they already have on the app. Isn’t that just great?

Cape Town’s April Monthly Offers:

Cape Town is offering two very interesting monthly offers for you and your friends to go try out. I mean, what sounds better than taking a scenic drive to Wild Clover Brewery for a Popper & Onion Ring Combo with an Ale beer (TIMES TWO!).

And if you’re feeling a bit more romantic, go do a sushi-making class at Marriott Cape Town. These two merchants also shared some extra goodies in March – check out how cool they are.

Durban’s April Monthly Offers:

Okay, Durbanites, if you don’t feel loved after this month, I don’t know how to help you. You’re getting main meal offers at Jumeli Café and Gourmet Café, a well-deserved pedi at The Royal Florida Spa, or – more importantly – that much-needed spray tan (because winter is creeping towards us and prevention is cure) at La Vida Spa.

Alternatively, perhaps a Paint Nite ticket, a 30 min guided golf cart tour, or a “Spend R500, save R75” deal at the Zimbali Gof Pro Shop is your vibe? And what about giving back to your body by doing a One Day Raw Juice Lift at Hip & Fresh? You can also get get a 20% discount on a beautiful venue hire, or a more practical necessity – 30% off the first hour of your computer repair at Dam IT Solutions. Now that’s what you call options, guys!

Johannesburg’s April Monthly Offers:

There’s also so much love to be shared this month in Jozi. For a special beauty and self-care day, go try out Hair by Wynand, Tandz Beauty, or Bladz Hair Design. To quench that health craving, try out Section 8 and Nitro Health & Nutrition.

Hungry for a delish variety of goodies, from sweet to savoury? Then try out Gio Pane Vino, The Palm Terrace Restaurant, Africa Restaurant & Bar, or Parc Ferme. And if you’re longing for a creative cocktail, the answer is The Warehouse.

Now, go save some money with these April monthly offers!

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