What To Do This Easter Weekend

As you’re all aware that you can’t use the ENTERTAINER app on public holidays, obviously, I thought I’d share some fun ways to still have a bouncing Easter weekend. Even without your fave app on Friday, Sunday AND Monday, I’ll make it my personal mission to ensure you have an egg-citing few days. (And this is just the start of my Easter puns. it’s not even bunny.)

To take absolutely full advantage of this well-deserved Easter weekend, you will have to put some time aside to plan in advance. So, for starters, let’s just agree that the majority of you guys will travel to Cape Town for the Easter weekend. Therefore, I’ll primarily be giving you ‘Cape Town ideas’. But will also throw in a Joburg and Durbs activity here and there.

With your co-operation and my super planning skills, we’ll pull rabbits out of hats – voila, a magical long Easter weekend awaits ?

The starting point of any successful story | THURSDAY

I know you carrot wait to rest your bones, and because you won’t be able to use your app tomorrow, you’re gonna need to stock up on coffee pods at mischu – so you can still have your much-needed morning coffee. With so many public holidays coming up, you obviously need enough beer to celebrate properly – so go get your 20% off a case of beer at Stellenbosch Brewing Co., and I’m sure your Cloof wine supply needs replenishing. Don’t forget about ice cream for Sunday’s dessert from You Bet It’s Ice Cream. This paragraph might sound like a mouth-full (see what I did there?), but you’ll thank me later.

As an alternative to all the Cape Town options, Jozi & Pretoria, you can get your coffee beans from Aroma Gourmet Coffee Roastery. And Durbanites, why not las the effort of making name tags for everyone’s Easter gifts and go get them at Angus & Izzy? While you’re at it, sommer grab a bunch of flowers from Bloom Florist to treat yo’self a little.

It’s a good day to have a | GOOD FRIDAY

Even if you don’t religiously celebrate this day, it’s still worth slowing down to reflect – perhaps while you’re at the top of Lion’s Head. Spend the day with the loves in your life. Read the book that’s gathered dust over the last couple of months because you’ve been way too tired after a long day of work. You’re allowed to only do nothing and everything you want to do today! AND, of course, enjoy some of the goodies you bought yesterday. So, don’t worry, just be hoppy!

Take Care | SATURDAY

#SelfCareSundays are a thing, right? Well, we’ll have to break the rules a little this week and change it to #SelfCareSaturdays instead. Start your day off by cheering on the Two Oceans champions while they finish their 21 km race. Don’t let them get to you, you’re a champ too. Even though you’ve been sitting for the last 20 hours, I still think you’re… nice. Okay, so to make yourself feel a little butter, grab brekkie at Knead in Claremont just around the corner from UCT and go get your hair did at Lush Hair, girl ?. Now that you’re all dolled up, meet some friends at Distillers & Union for drinks with a view and end your night off with dinner at The Quarter Kitchen Restaurant.

Durbanites, go get your morning cuppa at Love Coffee, an egg-stra special treat at Sugarlicious, and obviously a shoulder massage at Hello Hunny. Jozi peeps – you are known for being ‘buzzy’ and busy, right? So, go release all that energy of yours at The Ice Rink or Bounce (and you’ll get your egg-xercise in for the day). Afterwards, you can go show yourself some egg-stra lovin’ by getting a facial at Dr Baumann Das Institut.

Towards the end of Easter weekend | SUNDAY & MONDAY

Breathe in…

Breathe out…

Kick back and let your happy be loud.

Go for a run somewhere with a beautiful view, enjoy our last summer days, and maybe pack a picnic basket for sundowners. Whatever you do, just remember to keep calm and give your app the break it deserves. Sunday calls for a new month, a full moon and lots of new April offers to mentally prepare for. Go check out what the monthly offers in March looked like to give you a taste of what’s coming your way soon.

Hoppy Easter, guys.

Oh, and whatever you do, DO NOT forget to eat lots of Easter eggs (and if they’re frozen we won’t judge).

That’s all from me, yolks!


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