From Farm To Table At Roast & Co.

Besides the fact that Roast & Co. is known for using super fresh ingredients, and offer rotisserie-cooked free-range chicken, you can enjoy a ‘healthy meal that is drug-free, stress-free, antibiotic and animal by-product-free.’ There’s just something irresistible about local and sustainable farm-to-table dining. And you can literally taste the difference in every single bite.

It’s a no brainer – Capetonians are known for living the good life. A balanced one. A healthy one. And hey, I’m born and raised a Cape Town girl and I believe JUST that.

It literally was one of those days where the weather was super influential. A beautiful and much needed blessing from above sealed the food-on-my-brain (all day long) deal. The weather does this to a girl, okay? And for some reason, that day, I was craving chicken. A good, yummy, heartfelt and wholesome chicken dish. It was date night, and we normally try new places once a week (#winning). Not to mention that I was in no mood to cook, to put chicken in the oven or to clean afterwards. That’s when we took the drive from Somerset West to Cape Town – after checking our Entertainer app, of course ?.

From the get-go I knew I was going to love Roast & Co.

I have an eye for detail and anything beautiful or pretty, so the interior design was the first thing that grabbed my attention. Trendy, sleek, but a relaxed family-style setting. Their superb menu offered exactly what the doctor ordered, with options that suit everyone’s chicken-specific taste buds.

I decided to try almost everything on the menu since it was my first time there (obviously I had to, right?). From the Mzanzi Fried mac & cheese, chicken Caesar croquettes, baked Camembert and roast potatoes, to tenderstem & baby spinach – with a half chicken, of course.

It was insanely delicious, and might I even add the term ‘drool-worthy’. Plus, the perfect way to start what was an amazingly memorable date night. It doesn’t hurt that it’s on the Entertainer app for a 2-for-1 deal either. So I’ll definitely be back. And just for an extra bonus, they offer 2-for-1 drink specials every day from 5-7pm, too.

It’s these kinds of no frills, no fuss and just delicious goodness that makes Roast & Co. truly unique in Cape Town. Where food is the hero and a really good time is a given!

P.S. Roast & Co. is just one of the great new spots we’ve added to the ENTERTAINER recently. Check out some of our other hot new offers.

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