How To Have A Hoppy Easter Weekend, Joburg

Some bunny loves you. That bunny is us. We love you so much that we want you to have a cracking Easter weekend (pun intended), so we’ve basically planned it all out for you. And bonus: You’ll be able to use your App most* of the time to save some cash dollah.

*Remember, you can’t use your App on public holidays. Yep, this includes Friday. Yes, and Monday, too. But you already knew that ?

THURSDAY | Get Egg-cited

Because a long weekend starts the day before, amiright? Use the afternoon to stock up on those Easter eggs (shops will be chaotic on Saturday). On that note, make sure you check out Jack Rabbit. They have the cutest eggs you’ll ever see in your life, and they’re on the ENTERTAINER.

Then, finish the evening with the fam at Ribs & Burgers for some of the most delish food you’ll ever taste.

FRIDAY | Good Friday

Take this opportunity to stay in bed and relax. Yes, a whole day. In bed. Netflix and chill, sip on coffee and read a good book, or even waste your time taking fun quizzes where you can find out what your fave pizza topping says about you. The opportunities are endless.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who can’t sit still for longer than five minutes, take a hike. And no, I don’t mean that in a rude way, LOL. I mean go for an actual walk and conquer some of Gauteng’s top hiking trails.

SATURDAY | No Egg-scuses

A good day after Good Friday begins with brunch at Vovo Telo or Whisk (which has the cutest little play area for kids, if you’re bringing the whole family along). Or, browse the App to find a breakfast offer near you. All you have to do is tap Food & Drink > type ‘breakfast’ in the search bar > Search.

You have a whole day left after breakfast, so try cram in as many activities as you can. This can be anything from a trampoline session at Bounce, to bowling at Fun Company. Or, If you’re feeling particularly brave and energised today, face your fears by completing the Big Zip at Acrobranch.

SUNDAY | Hoppy Easter

Ah yes, the chocolate-filled day we’ve all been waiting for. You don’t have to be a kid to partake in the best part of the Easter weekend: The egg hunt. Hide them high and low the night before, and watch your friends and family scurry around in the bushes trying to find them.

And hey, who said it even has to be just chocolate eggs? Hide little bottles of wine or gin for your friends to find instead (not suitable for kids, obvs).

End the day off with a braai, like every good Sunday should 😉

MONDAY | An Eggs-tra Special Family Day

Today is Family Day, so today you C H I L L. Make leftover sarmies using yesterday’s braai meat, indulge in all those extra hot cross buns and marshmallow eggs, and gather around the TV for a good ol’ fashioned movie marathon – starting with Hop.

Or, if it isn’t raining (touch wood), pack up those sandwiches, grab a frisbee, and have a picnic in the great outdoors. There really is no better way to end your Easter weekend.

TUESDAY | Back To Work (and all out of puns)

Back to reality. You’re probably crashing hard from all the sugar, aren’t you? You’ll definitely need coffee today to fix that, especially since you have a full day of work ahead of you. Sit down and have a cuppa with a colleague at Holy Ground Cafe or Tilt Coffee.

You’ll probably also need to book a ‘me day’ massage at Riverview Spa for next weekend. You deserve it after such a stressful Easter weekend.

How’s that for an egg-cellent Easter weekend? You’re welcome.

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