9 Alternative Places To Visit For Afternoon Tea

Meeting someone for afternoon tea is just another way of saying “I miss you, I have nothing to do right now and I’m in desperate need of a good drink and good conversation” (whether that’s a hot drink, or a well-deserved cocktail). Am I right?

Well, let’s all raise our pinkies to Afternoon Tea Week – the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to try out some new places for a change.


Scheckter’s Raw

Capetonians are known for living the good life. A balanced one. A healthy one. So, why not honour your body by trying out Yeba Mate Tea, which is basically a health bomb in a cup. While you’re there, order the matcha flapjacks – you can thank me later.

Billy Boo’s Cakery

As Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake.” I’m telling you right now that the options at Billy Boo’s will make you want to have cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner errday!

It’s as if this cake was made specially for us here at the ENTERTAINER. Mmm, that just gave me an idea 🙂

The Woodstock Gin Co.

Obviously, the best way to end off a pretty good day (or a bad one… any kind of day, in fact) is with a G&T in the Mother City. (It ain’t tea, but there’s definitely a “T” in “G&T”…). Why not do a proper tasting at The Woodstock Gin Co in Hipster-ville while you’re at it? Plus, it’s just around the corner from Billy Boo’s. Perfect!


Conscious Cafe

Conscious Cafe is for conscious living. Sitting in nature, having the perfect cup of _____ (you fill in the blanks) and reflecting on a good week sounds like an afternoon well spent.

Happy Me

The person who invented this must be one heck of a fun guy/gal. I mean, BUBBLE TEA. It’s a good time trapped in a cup. It doesn’t matter how old you are, I can promise you that you’ll be coming back for more after your first taste.

Chocolate Cheesecake Bar

The name says it all. This is definitely the place to cure any kind of craving. Less is more in this case. And you can also stop looking for the ultimate macaroon – you’ll find it here.


Clay Cafe Red Barn

Need to pay a bit more attention to your creative side? Me too, believe me. So, I guess you’ll be seeing me at Clay Cafe this Saturday, getting all artsy and crafty (while sipping on my drink of choice.)

Chocolate et Cafe

Cappuccino in an ice-cream cone? Two of my favourite things in one! I’m definitely adding this cute little cafe to my list of places to visit during Afternoon Tea Week.

Haagen Dazs

This is a no-brainer. With Haagen Dazs stores popping up on every corner, it’s mandatory to end off any day this week with a freakin’ fantastic, mouth-watering ice-cream. (Because sometimes you need a little more than tea to fulfill that afternoon craving).

I don’t know about you, but I’m totally ready for an afternoon (tea) delight right about now. Let me know which places are on your list!

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