5 Places To Find Inner Zen In Durban

Modern living takes it out of us. Fact: you have to work a lot harder to find inner zen – the irony – than your parents ever had to. At the same time, we and our millennial successors are more informed than ever about how to get in touch with our inner Zen queens (and kings). The average 20-something year-old has at least one crystal in their home, practices yoga, fully supports Mental Health Days, and has a basic understanding of Feng Shui.

If you’re looking for Durban hangouts to help you wind down and find inner zen, here are some local spots you may like (and that’s on The ENTERTAINER app).

Crystal Free Spirit

Ready to chase those good vibrations? Head for Bothas Hill and look out for the castle – yes, castle – on your right. Tucked away from the regular bustle of Durban is an unexpected little piece of magic. Crystal Free Spirit has a zen-inducing spread of crystals, rough stones and jewelry, completed with a scratch-patch for kids. Be entranced by exotic drums and didgeridoos as you peruse the wide range of healing products. For the hippies at heart, a bohemian clothing store is also on its way. And there’s a resident black and white cat there too, ready for cuddles. Need I say more?

Conscious Café

Add a little zen by eating with intent. Durban’s Conscious Café is a vegetarian and vegan café that pours a lot of love into their food and their environment. Freshly squeezed juices, sandwiches and salads nourish you from the inside out. They have just about every ingredient being made from scratch in-house. Think dips, dressings, sauces and wraps – including bread freshly baked with a live culture yeast. The beautiful surroundings will also take you back to your childhood days of wishing you lived in The Secret Garden (maybe that’s just me). Little words of wisdom on how to live more consciously are dotted around the café, generating plenty of those do good, feel good vibes.

Butterflies for Africa

Ahhh, butterflies. If you’ve ever wanted to have your Disney moment, where birds, woodland creatures and the odd flower adore you (again, maybe just me), Butterflies for Africa is waiting for you. This tranquil Durban zen-den has a tropical enclosure for you to walk through, as the world’s most breathtaking butterflies flutter around. Take a peek at cotton-top tamarin monkeys on a guided detour, browse The Blue Caterpillar Art Gallery, and indulge in lunch or a slice of cake at the on-site coffee shop.

Hip and Fresh

Juicing has cemented its status as an excellent way to keep your insides squeaky clean and your mind clear. Durban’s Hip & Fresh believes in your well-being, helping you to find inner zen with handcrafted, slow-pressed, fresh raw juices. These were so well-received that they keep adding new plant-based products to the mix, like preservative-free nut milk and vegan soups. You’ll find healthy sugar-free and dairy-free ice lollies on offer too. So your body gets all the good stuff it needs, while your taste buds get a treat.

Hello Hunny

I’ve heard there are people out there who don’t like massages. I’ve never met one of said people, and at this stage I’m convinced it’s still a yeti myth situation. Massages must be one of the most universally powerful ways to unwind and to get your zen on. Hello Hunny welcomes you with open arms in Durban North, with a spread of relaxing massage therapies along with the always-enjoyable spa treatments like manis and pedis. Nothing better, in my books.

Of course, if your idea of chilling is sleeping in, you’re more than entitled to Namaste in bed too.

What Durban spots help you to find inner zen?


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