Durban Activities: 5 Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Durban’s hub of hipsters, bloggers and creative agencies on every corner means there’s simply no reason not to get those creative juices flowing. Left-brainers, take a break from your world of order and linear thinking. Right-brainers, push your creativity to new heights with these Durban activities.

Here are 5 Durban activities to bolster your creativity and add a little spice to everyday life:


#1 | Home Bru

Creatives of Durban, this is your common room. Home Bru is a hive of activity that will get your creative juices flowing – alongside freshly roasted coffee. (Because we know how much Durbanites love coffee). This café-cum-communal-office is the perfect working environment for us freelancers who love a little inspiration while we type. So, surround yourself with like-minded creatives. And seriously consider indulging in an affogato which is – get ready for it – a cooled espresso poured over creamy vanilla gelato. Yes.

# 2 | Lungi’s Corner

What’s cooking, good looking? Well, you are. In addition to Lungi’s offering of exquisite private dinners and high-end catering, Durbanites can don their aprons for cooking classes too. Grab your coworkers, besties or obliging family members and enjoy one of the best activities to explore your creativity. Vino optional, but highly recommended.

# 3 | Mini Town

Locals will have vague memories of this from their youth, and Durban activities like these are definitely worth exploring as an adult. The 30-year-old Mini Town gives you a great overview of Durban’s cityscape – and offers a creative new perspective on the town. Marvel at the mini-models of some of Durban’s most interesting buildings, like the old airport, rail network and harbour scene, all in a 1:24 size ratio. And if your only reason for visiting is to tower over the city like a pretend-giant, well, that’s fine too.

# 4 | Mindgame Escape

If you’re claustrophobic, feel free to sit this one out. If not, though, get ready for one of Durban’s most intriguing activities for unbottling creativity. When you enter the Mindgame Escape rooms, you step into scenes from yesteryear (think Sherlock Holmes’ detective den). You and your compadres have 60 minutes to solve the mystery and escape the room, by finding clues and unraveling riddles. Skip the regular Durban Friday night dinner + a movie and step outside the box – into Mindgame Escape.

# 5 | Paint Nite Durban

Spoiler alert: you don’t need to be Picasso to enjoy this one. This unusual Durban activity will have you exploring your creativity – and producing a masterpiece. While you hang out with friends, an artist guides you through the steps to create a work of art, unique to you. Get your creative juices flowing (be they wine, spirits or beer), as you paint and party at a local bar and restaurant.

Will you be trying any of these? Tell us which Durban activities help you unleash your creativity!

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