We all want to win big every now and then, right? So, why not win big with two of your favourite brands this winter? With beautiful athleisure wear and a lifestyle app filled with hundreds of 2-for-1 deals in hand, you won’t be needing anything else in life, really. And yes, this one’s for all the ladies out there.

With Women’s Month creeping closer, we decided to start celebrating Y O U, like, now. So, wanna know how you can win big this winter?

For those of you who don’t know lots about MOVEPRETTY just yet (I mean, where have you been? #NoJudgement), you are soon to discover the prettiest brand (don’t excuse the pun) and the most comfortable active/leisure wear ever. They basically specialise in all things WOMEN, so you are bound to feel like one pretty woman (again, don’t excuse the pun) when dressed in MOVEPRETTY.

We love how much the MOVEPRETTY ladies love women, so we decided to collab with them to show all of you just how much we love you. Mouthful, I know. Point is, you are magical, and we want to celebrate you.

So, simply follow #PrettyEntertaining on both our social media platforms (@entertainerza & @movepretty) to see how you can stand a chance each week to win big. You heard it here first girls, we will be announcing weekly winners for the next 10 weeks leading up to Women’s Day.

Each prize will include R500 worth of MOVEPRETTY goodies + a full ENTERTAINER app for the city of your choice.

All you have to do is keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram & Facebook pages, and follow our simple instructions to enter the competition.

You do you, girl. And remember, keep those eyes peeled. The prizes are worth it! ?

K, byyyyyeee x

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