5 Drool-Worthy Places To Shop In Colaba

Mumbai’s popular neighbourhood, Colaba, is known for being touristy and a Shantaram-reader’s paradise. Although I am both full tourist and Shantaram fan, I would describe myself as more of the shopping type. So, granted, after my little getaway to the deserted Perhentian Islands, I was desperate for a little bit of a shop in Colaba.

After knocking back the masala chais and speed-walking the streets of Mumbai, I have compiled a list of the best places to shop in Colaba that you just have to visit. Like, now.


1 | Ritu Kumar

This is not only my favourite shop in Colaba but my all-time fave in the world. On the slightly pricier side, I never would’ve popped in but its blend of Indian culture and modern design caught my beady shopper’s eye and, before I knew it, I had bought the whole shop (is it possible to cry out of sadness for your wallet but happiness for your heart?).

2 | Fabindia

This is a standard must-do when you’re in India. Well-priced with a massive selection of styles, you can get anything from the most fabulous handwoven clothing, to organic skincare (all natural and made in India). There is a huge shop in Colaba so be careful, you will spend hours in here.

3 | Good Earth

We were lucky enough to stumble upon this gem of a shop during a sale. Clothes, accessories, bath delights, tea sets; you name it, they have it (and it’s all fab). The best part is that it’s just down the road from the majestic Taj Mahal Palace – the perfect spot for a quick high tea to get you through your shopping spree.

4 | Obataimu

To get an idea of this shop’s authentic, slightly eccentric take on clothing, visit their website. It’s poetic and enchanting but nothing compared to its little shop in Colaba with a window into the tailor’s space. All clothes are made bespoke in the store, so ensure you visit Obtaimu at least 2 days before you plan on leaving.

5 | Nicobar

Upstairs from the gorgeous Kala Ghoda Café is a gem of a shop that we frequented during our stay in Mumbai. Nicobar offers clothing and homeware that is fairly priced and is the perfect shop in Colaba for buying quality gifts.

Now, after having blown half of your budget on Indian attire and gifts, it’s time to truly RELAX. Head to one of India’s popular holiday destinations for some relaxation and pampering. The good news is that you can use the ENTERTAINER to score some 2-for-1 deals at some of the best hotels. And, thanks to your new Colaba-inspired wardrobe, you’re gonna look fab!

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