6 Hilarious Cocktails You Need To Try This Weekend

We’ve all heard of the classics, but nothing grabs attention quite like a daring, sometimes punny, often risque, hilariously-named cocktail. Because we don’t want you to miss out, we’ve rounded up a list of a few hilarious cocktails across SA that are guaranteed to make you LOL. And they’re all delicious, so you should definitely try them out this weekend!

P.s. they’re all 2-for-1 on the ENTERTAINER, so you can sip on them with friends while you chuckle away at their names. You’re welcome.

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1. Pay Back the Mango

If you live in South Africa, you’ll get the reference. And you’ll giggle uncontrollably. This mango, ginger beer, bitters, and vodka concoction from The Salt Yard in Cape Town is served mug-style, and tastes as good as the name is funny. It’s by far my fave out of all the hilarious cocktails.

2. The Loose Goose

Feeling stiff after a looong and hectic week? Then it’s time to relax and get a little loosey goosey with this gooseberry, gin, and rosemary-infused drink from Cape Town’s The Woodstock Gin Co.

3. Pecker Wrecker

Yes, you read that correctly, haha. You know it’s going to be a partay when someone orders this inappropriate but LOLtastic and colourful cocktail from Q.ba in Edenvale.

4. That Blows

Ok, so this one’s not exactly a cocktail. But it does have a funny name that made me give it a second (and third, and fourth) look. Turns out it’s a delicious bubblegum milkshake from Protea Hotel Fire & Ice Melrose Arch, Johannesburg. They also have some scrumptious proudly South African milkshakes you should try while you’re at it!

5. Glass of Personality

Because alcohol gives you courage – and a personality! You’ll become the life of the party when you guzzle this lemon, smashed strawberry, ginger ale, and double Bulleit bourbon mixture from The Green Bar, Johannesburg.

6. Mistaken Identity

Just one sip of this lemon, strawberry, and freshly-pressed pineapple juice will have your head spinning. Why? Because Durban’s Lucky Shaker has also mixed in two different rums! No wonder you think you’re someone else for the night, as the name suggests.

Have you come across any hilarious cocktails that aren’t on this list? Share the giggles in the comments below!

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