How About A Staycation Before December?

It’s that time of year where all we can think about is long, sun-kissed summer days. Yes, December is basically around the corner, but let’s just be realistic for a sec – it’s still about 3 months ’til most of us get off from work. So, how about a little Staycation in the meantime?

You don’t always have to travel far to relax. Because most of the time the solution to a busy life is right under your nose. Or, in this case, just around the corner. We’ve rounded up a couple of champion destinations that are a stone’s throw away from where you are, right now.

A Staycation in Cape Town

First off, in the heart of beautiful Cape Town, we have The Verge ApartHotel. How cool is this concept? It’s part apartment, part hotel, and it’s freaking clever. Plus, it’s slap-bang in the middle of the city center on Adderley Street. Enjoy the city buzz while you check out the most amazing view of Lion’s Head from your window.

Second on our list is The Harbouredge Suites. Just like The Verge, this hotel is also part of The TotalStay group. And man, their properties just keep on blowing my mind, because they have an offer for every need. So, whenever you’re on the hunt for a getaway, defs go check their site out first.

If you’re keen to take a short drive out the city, give Au d’ Hex Estate in Wellington a try. I say you should take a half day on a Friday, plug in that perfect road trip playlist, buy a take-away coffee at any of these cool places and go. You’ll have the best drive of your life and will arrive at the estate just in time for that well-deserved sun-downer.

A Staycation in Johannesburg

Alright, I know a lot of you are probably thinking that there’s not a huge variety of places to go to in Gauteng in order to escape the big city life – also know as Jozi-livin’ – but I’m here to prove you wrong. So continue reading.

First up we have a 4-star country manor only 40km from OR Tambo. This gem of a find is called Zulu Nyala Country Manor and if you’re in the mood to spot your tall-necked friends in the middle of the city, then you have to book ASAP!

Interesting fact about the Afrikaans name for giraffes (kameelperd) – they walk like camels with right or left legs simultaneously (Afrikaans translation is ‘kameel’) and they run like horses (Afrikaans translation is ‘perd’). Cool, right?

Vaalies are always craving a piece of Cape Town, right? These geniuses decided to bring Cape Town to Egoli with Klein Kaap Boutique Hotel. You might as well just get married here while you’re at it. right? This image is fairy tale-perfect. Now I know where to look when I start hunting for venues… far, far in the future ;). But for now, It’ll do as a Staycation destination.

Sometimes it’s necessary to really get out of the city, switch your phone off and just be in the moment in the bush. It might be a bit of a longer drive, but worth every second and def worth all the petrol (yep, I’m aware that the price went up again a little while ago… sigh). Say hello to the bush lodges of all bush lodges, Mopane Bush Lodge. All you’re allowed to do here is to sit back, relax, read a little, take a nap, have a sun downer, and ‘braai’ every night. I’m down with that. And there are leopards, guys!

A Staycation in Durban

There aren’t a lot of words to accurately describe this destination near Durban, so we’ll keep it short and sweet: Fairmont Zimbali Resort is breathtakingly beautiful. Just look at their images on the App, plus the one below. I mean, can we go already? Please?!

Attention all the golf-lovers out there, this one is for you. Princes Grant Golf Club has the greenest fairway and definitely makes for an interesting challenge for those with a higher handicap.

Lastly, make sure to give Antbear Drakensberg Lodge a visit. Because they have things like cosy fireplaces to romantic jacuzzis, you’ll be truly relaxed after your stay. As an activity on a lazy Saturday, why not go for a horse trail ride in the mountains?

These are just a handful of the offers on the App. We could go on forever about all the amazing places there are, so rather go have a look and let me know your faves. Take your pick and happy traveling 🙂


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