Spring Clean Your Body And Mind

The smell of Spring is in the air. The sun’s shining, flowers are blooming, and birds are chirping. Your worries melt away like frost on grass at the first sign of warmth. You start packing away your over-sized jerseys, long pants and fluffy blankets, and bring out the t-shirts, dresses and sandals. With a change of season and a much-needed spring clean, we often forget to do the same for our bodies.

Now’s the (Spring) time to clear out the toxins, balance your diet and get moving ??

Start by identifying a few of the bad habits that prevent you from living your best life. It’s never realistic to completely stop these, so rather think of ways you can replace them. If you find yourself reaching for unhealthy food or making excuses not to go to gym, then it’s time to find alternatives. Luckily we’ve rounded up a few healthy spots and workouts that you can check out around Johannesburg.



From health tubs, to snack pots, sandwiches and smoothies, Gorge has some of the yummiest meals that use only natural, fresh and locally sourced ingredients.

Ginger and Fig

Based in Pretoria, Ginger and Fig has a delicious selection of homemade, preservative free, free range and organic foods. They’re also puppy-friendly, so bring your pooch along, and remember to check out these other dog-friendly restaurants across Johannesburg and Pretoria.

Doppio Zero

With Summer around the corner (although it feels like it’s in full force right now), Doppio has released a Fresh menu featuring loads of super foods and healthy options to kick start your healthy journey.


SUP Fitness

I’ve probably spoken about this before, but I am so excited to tell you that the ENTERTAINER has a SUP offer in Johannesburg! Stand-up paddling is a full body workout and doesn’t require a crazy level of experience to master (and actually stand up). It’s the perfect way to work out while enjoying the scenery and calming rhythm of the water.

HotPod Yoga

Can you handle the heat? Heated to 37 degrees, HotPod Yoga will help you unwind and relax your mind while improving your flexibility and balance. Did I mention that you get to do all of this in an inflatable pod? It feels like you’re being transported to a different world.


Because you don’t want to get stuck in a slump, switch up your routine and take your gym experience to the next level with high-intensity boxing, functional training, and MMA inspired workouts that cater for every fitness level and age.

It’s time to pack away those bad habits and Spring clean your body and mind. Let me know in the comments if you have any suggestions for healthy restaurants or alternative workouts that keep you feeling good, or post any motivational quotes that you’d like to share! ?

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