Snuggle Up: Cape Town Winter Is Still Here, Guys

I hate to break it to you, but Cape Town winter is definitely still with us, and seems to have no urgent plans of leaving any time soon. It’s been a long one this year, and we’re all a bit gatvol of wearing that same furry jacket (because who’s got the money to have more than one of those?). So, we’ll just have to make the most of it. It’s time to snuggle up and embrace all the winter-friendly offers that the ENTERTAINER app has to offer, y’all.

Here are 5 things to do during the rest of Cape Town winter that’ll make you forget about icy mountain tops and expensive furry jackets:

# 1| Make a run for it

Maybe you need to literally escape Cape Town winter for a day or two in order to endure the rest of it. And if Aquila Game Reserve can’t satisfy you with their FOUR different 2-for-1 offers on the app, nothing will. Yep, you can go on a game drive, do a little horseback riding, indulge in a spa treatment, AND try out quad biking. All while staying in one of their A M A Z I N G 4-star chalets. Guys, you might even see the Big 5! What more do you really want in life?

Go check out Mr. CapeTown’s feed for more Aquila goodness!

# 2 | Sweat it out

…And who wants to be outside while sweating it out if you can be in a gorgeous yoga studio? Imean, Wild Thing Yoga overlooks Lion’s head. Take a second to imagine that. It’s amazing and I basically wanna live in their studio. Check this video out to see how happy people get as soon as they enter this studio.

# 3 | Spice it up

The whole point of this blog post is to forget about the ridiculously cold Cape Town winter, right? So, trust me when I say that you should go to My Favour8 for some traditional curry. You will not be needing that furry jacket no more!

# 4 | Stress a little

Gun Fun is part of this list to keep you on your toes. You should never get too comfortable in life. You’ll be holding an actual gun in your hands, so I’m pretty sure your heart will race like crazy and your palms will be sweaty (EMINEM’s Lose Yourself isn’t playing while I’m typing, but it should be). Just know that the amount of adrenaline-pumping, stress-releasing fun you’ll also have is totally worth the sweaty palms, don’t worry ?

We sent @TheWittyWineWoman and her bestie to go and let off some steam, and boy, they enjoyed it. See for yourself:

# 5 | Warm you up from the inside

Whether you need a double shot cuppa (or something even stronger) to warm you up, we’ve got you covered. Dapper Coffee Co is vibey and can be the perfect office for the day to change things up. If you’re like me and you need something with a tiny bit more ‘oomph’, there’s a beautiful new bar in town called Milk & Honey Bar. You can also just go sit there to admire the interior. Totally not creepy at all.

Stay warm, Cape Town.


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