Paradise Is Calling, It’s At Fairmont Zimbali Resort

A road trip is in order, I think.

Sometimes it really is as easy as booking accommodation, packing your bags, creating the perfect road trip playlist and jumping into the car. Escaping city life for a weekend at Fairmont Zimbali Resort is the perfect way to re-energize for the last little bit of 2017, don’t you think? Okay, wait a second… I can’t even deal with what I just said. “The last bit of 2017” – where did the year go, guys?

Anyway, if this video doesn’t inspire you to immediately pack your bags, I don’t know what will. Firstly, Fairmont Zimbali Resort is literally a 30 min drive from Umhlanga, and you can’t even work through a proper playlist in 30 minutes. And secondly, you deserve it, man! Also, check out the ENTERTAINER app for places on your way there to make your road trip even shorter and sweeter. Here are some tips on how NOT to overheat on your way there 😉

Why visit Fairmont Zimbali Resort?

You’ll see why when you watch the video. We sent Mike from @thelawry and Carlinn from @campsbaygirl (totally go check out their fab blogs) to try it out for us. Tough life, right? I think it’s very evident that they had a blast. The resort features gorgeous pools, an unspoilt beach and two fantastic restaurants – Coral Tree and Ayoba. The only sad thing about the whole adventure was that Carlinn and Mike just wanted to stay a little bit longer. Next time, guys.

So, what are you waiting for? Paradise is waiting and it’s calling your name. In the very profound words of Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay,

“This could be para-para-paradise

Now put that on your road trip playlist, pack your bags and head to Zimbali for the ultimate getaway.

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