13 Hanger-Busting NEW Offers To Keep You Satisfied

Have you ever felt so hungry that an intense rage fills your entire body? And you turn into the Grinch who stole happiness? That, my friend, is called hanger. And it’s not just a slang word made up by overly-dramatic millennials. Oh no, according to scientists, it’s actually a very real emotion that should be taken seriously. Like most things in life, the only cure is food. Luckily for you (and everyone around you), the ENTERTAINER has a few new hanger-busting offers that’ll keep you from going cray.


CowFish | Hazelwood

They’re all that, and dim sum. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. But seriously, these perfect little parcels filled with joy will def beat even the worst hanger spells.

Casa Bella | Loftus Park & Sun City

This is what authentic Italian pasta and pizza dreams are made of.

Burger Bistro | Pretty much ALL of them

I’m on the road to Hanger Town, population me. Why? Because I had to go through photos of all these delicious burgers, and now I’m starving. There’s still hope for you though. Save yourself while you still can!

Mooi Tapas and Wine Bar | Silver Lakes

In the mood for something MOOI? Well, this South African-inspired tapas bar will not disappoint! They’ve got everything from mini bunny chows, to bite-sized braai vleis. So lekker.

Turn ‘n Tender | Boksburg

It’ll be a huge missed steak if you don’t chow on a 2-for-1 Turn ‘n Tender Main tonight. Seriously.


Roxy All Day | Woodstock

Top tip: sip on quality coffee throughout the day (or a House Beverage from Roxy Late Night after work) to prevent early stages of hanger.

The Strangers Club | Green Point

Before you reach the point of no return, please do the responsible thing by visiting The Strangers Club for lunch. Their restaurant is simply gorgeous, so just think of all the ‘grams you’re going to get in the process! This is a dog friendly restaurant.

Milk & Honey Bar | CBD

Feeling hangry, but also fancy AF? Sorted.

Sir Thomas Brewery | Stellenbosch

It’s physically impossible to go hungry when you’re surrounded by all this flipping good food and ice cold beer.


Fabrica | Sunningdale

Midday hanger is a real thing, guys. So, stop arguing with colleagues about where to go for lunch, and do the right thing.

Republik | Hillcrest

What’s better than being able to sip on a 2-for-1 House Beverage while feasting on these bad boys? Literally nothing.

Hussar Grill | Gateway

Monthly Offer alert! For a limited time only, you’ll be able to get a 2-for-1 Main Course at Hussar Grill. Remember, you can redeem Monthly Offers as many times as you want during the course of the month, so take advantage of it now! And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here to learn more about Monthly Offers (and other ENTERTAINER secrets).

Beluga | Gateway

It was love at first bite. Redeem this hanger-busting Monthly Offer while you still can!

Next time you’re yelling at bae because you’re starving and can’t decide where to go for dinner, just think back to this moment. And say goodbye to hanger for good.

PS this is just a taste of what’s new on the ENTERTAINER. To see more, open the App > Click on Food & Drink > View All > Tap on Filters (top right-hand corner) > Select ‘New’ > Done.

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